4.4mm balanced 2-pin cable <100 usd/eur

  1. Kanshiro
    I'm looking for balanced cables with 2-pin and 4.4mm balanced connectors for my new CIEMs (Custom Art FIBAE 2), preferably less than 100 usd/eur.

    What brands make/supply these cables?
    What are important specifications for a IEM cable?
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  2. kukkurovaca
    Venture Electroncis is one popular source of cheap cables with lots of options in terms of connectors.

    Whether cables make a differnce, what kind of difference they make, and how big a difference it is, are all very contentious questions that tend to derail threads whenever they come up. : )

    From a strictly practical standpoint, some major considerations about cables are:

    * Length
    * Weight
    * Whether or not the cable has memory wire etc. (personal preference)
    * Microphonics/touch noise
    * Quality of construction/durability
  3. Kanshiro
    Venture Electronics has a lot of options, really nice kukkurovaca!

    I guess I will have to experiment and buy different cables to find out what works for me. There goes my minimalistic lifestyle of only buying 1 of what I need...
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  4. Kanshiro
  5. kukkurovaca
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