3G iPod -> (Amp here) -> UE-10 Pro
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Aug 9, 2004

Originally Posted by PeeeMeS
Right now I own a 3G 40 gig iPod and Ultimate Ears UE-10 Pro.

There are just so many current amps and future offerings that my head is spinning. So far, I have gathered a small list of "fan-favorites"/"Hyped Amps"
Supermacro/SR-71/Upcoming AE-1/Upcoming Hornet

My references for comparison are: M-Audio Revolution 7.1 straight to UE-10's

Am I really going to hear that much of a improvement with these amps?
Unless it shames the Revolution 7.1, I don't think I'll add an amp

I'm having a hard time finding anyone with a good amp for me to hear exactly how much improvement I can get out of my UE-10's. So I guess I can only rely on borrowing other people's ears. If anyone has experience with the upgrade from 3G iPod -> UE-10(or similar phones) to 3G iPod -> Any PortableAmp -> UE-10 Pro(or similar phones) I would greatly appreciate it.

Well having Ue-10s and 3rd gen ipod. Although I have order a 60 gig ipod this week, I have all requirements to answer your question. I have 3rd ipod and with SuperMacro-3 w/4 switches for Ue-10s.

Just my take. You spend about 1k on the headphones. Get the $350 amp. Whether it is the sr-71 or the macro. I liked the SM because it has the bass boast, is the smallest, sound is just as great, and rechargible. Last 300 hours between chargings. Any question you just email Xin the maker of the amp. Which I did and he gave me suggestions. I use the bass boast when I am at the gym.

Doesn't the amp make a big difference.. at the level you are at. lol.. Not much.. but enough. Just sounds like the bass is alittle more present & tight and alittle more detail in treble.

And if you aren't currently use the line-out that is a must. There is a bass rolloff with the headphone jack. That is why you see everyone using lineouts. I use SIK Din line out.

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