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$370 budget (iPhone 7 use). Excellent base, durability, soundstage, sweat friendly, for Youtube & audio books, for commute use. Hip hop / Latin / Lofi / Ambient meditation stuff.

  1. the6step
    I commute a lot and listen to Youtube, audio books, spotify, and more.

    * I don't want wireless.
    * I will be listening primarily on iPhone (I'll accept lightning headphone suggestions, depending on their quality, but analog is fine).
    * They need to be small and portable (so like IEM's or other small things that I can tuck away safely)
    * I've heard about IEM's potentially being dangerous and making you deaf, so I'm open to suggestions though.
    * I'll be listening to these on my commute, so ideally other people don't hear them (I'm ok with hearing other people though).
    * Comfort is important.

    I love bass! Trebel second for sure, but good crisp bass is amazing! I listen to Drake, Migos, and hip hop in general, but I'm looking to get back into jazz. I love lofi. I listen to TONS of youtube (people talking basically).

    Any other information, I'd be happy to give. Absolutely willing to stretch my budget more, if the value is there.

    I was on this forum many years ago (2013)... you can check the 2 posts from my history if you'd like more information about what I generally like: https://www.head-fi.org/members/the6step.377991/
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2018
  2. serman005
    Maybe read about a Campfire Orion and see what you think. It ticks several of your boxes and it could potentially work for you. Is within budget. Worth a look-see.
  3. the6step
    They're on backorder. Would you recommend me buying it from ebay, or ordering it directly from them? Also, bump, just in case anyone else has suggestions.
  4. the6step
    actually wait... the bass needs to be on Atrio M5 level *ideally*... this may not be the pick.
  5. the6step
  6. the6step

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