32gb/64gb flash based mp3?
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Sep 14, 2007
Currently have an 8gb Iaudio 7, i want to get the 16gb one but i am holding out for the bigger capacity ones to hit store
when do you guys think it will be in store? 1year time?
so far touch has 32gb but no other competitor does
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There's that or an ipod touch, which is pretty expensive. I wish the nanos were 32gb, but that won't happen till a while because the next update will most likely be 16gb.
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iAudio 7 already has a 16gb version
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So new iPods come out every year or every 2 years, I can't remember? I'm looking forward to buying an SD expandable player next.
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for 32 GB there is the iTouch, Creative player, and Sandisk player, or the ipod mod for any hard drive based iPod or the mini involving a CF card up to 32 GB, this will also likely be the first option to reach 64GB capacity.

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