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320kbps Vs. ALAC

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by twilight dawn, Jun 24, 2012.
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  1. bigshot
    I don't think that any human can tell the difference between AAC and lossless in a line level matched blind test. I think the people who claim they can haven't done line levelling or are gaming the test.
  2. deadlylover
    How are you doing the line level matching?
    My replaygain shows a 0.06db difference in one of my converted tracks, that's pretty tiny.
  3. bigshot
    I put a preamp in the line to balance the level.
  4. soundstige
    Between lossless and AAC *what*? I mean, you know it's a variable encoder right? Clearly not all amounts of information will produce the same result.
  5. bigshot
    AAC 256
  6. Pachikara
    the moment an Audiophile starts to compare the clarity between digital files,
    they start to stop enjoying the MUSIC and start worrying..
  7. hogger129
    Even that is probably overkill for a lot of music.
    Exactly.  I keep lossless around for backups.  AAC, Vorbis, MP3 at higher bitrates are good enough and will save you lots of space on a portable.
    EDIT:  A couple suggestions for the OP.  First off, start ripping with a program that employs AccurateRip such as dBpoweramp (Windows & Mac) or XLD if you're on a Mac.  Second, I would take a piece of music you know well, and see how low you can take the bitrate before you start to notice the effects of the compression.
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