3-meter / 10-foot IEM Cable
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Oct 21, 2011
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Hello All,

I finally got my hands on some Westone W40's, and I'm enjoying them.

These are hardly an obscure set of 'phones, but here's a link anyway.

My usage of these is consists of plugging them into a (desktop) computer sitting on the floor under my desk, and with me standing at my desk.

That means the 52' cable that comes with these won't reach my ears, so I have to use an extension cable, the connection of which adds a lot of weight to the cable connection as a whole. The result is that the total weight of the cable is increased, thereby increasing the pulling sensation on the earphones.

That's really annoying, and I'd like to stop it.

I'm posting because Westone sells cables for these that come in lengths of 52 inches to 64 inches, but I want something longer, more like 120 inches, or about 3 meters long.

I've looked at custom cables on some sites, and they all seem to be of approximately the same length; nothing is available in lengths greater than around 3 meters / 6 feet long.

Wondering if anyone can give me any leads on a custom cable builder who can build me:
  • a cable with corresponding MMCX connectors (I think that's what I have)
  • 10-feet / 3-meters in length
  • with a straight 3.5mm connector on the end
I'm considering simply using the bluetooth receiver cable that Westone sells for these, as it seems to be well-regarded, but I'm trying to avoid blueooth because I hate the connectivity fussiness inherent to bluetooth, and that receiver has a battery that will one day cease to hold a charge, thus making the unit useless. That's why I want a cabled connection.

Any leads or help will be appreciated. :ksc75smile:

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