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3/03/19 Seattle Lake City impressions

    This meet had some awesome gear. And a some returning Peeps. Ham Sandwich, Curbfeeler. We even had Chuck from Personal audio with the emperyans and Ken from Revolution Audio make the meet. Elric, Bob and Eric. Well that's atomicbob and Muziqboy to some. We had all types of gear covered, entry level, portable, tube gear, electrostats, and summit fi stuff to drool over. Overall it was a great meet.
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  2. gepardcv
    Lots of excellent systems today. Highlights for me: Meze Empyrean headphones, the ECP Audio DSHA-3F amplifier, the Dangerous Music Convert 2 DAC, and especially the HE-60 Baby Orpheus.

    Really nice chatting with everyone! And many thanks to @BIG POPPA for organizing this!!
  3. housekrl
    First meet ive been to in 9 years. It was a lot of fun. Got a chance to finally hear 2 sets of Focals. The Elear and Elegia. Both are impressive. and Meze Emperiam. Someone there had a massive rig for the hd800.
    There was a guy who had the Hifiman Sundara plugged into some xduo portable dac/amp that I really liked. Sometimes the price just doesnt matter. And I got to try some old Senns electrostats that cost like $170 back in the day. They were actually amazing. Good times! Thanks to @BIG POPPA For making it happen.
  4. atomicbob
    Big thank-you to @BIG POPPA for organizing another successful meet.
    I was surprised with a gift from several of the regulars; a power distribution box with three duplex outlets, each using a different metal. High purity copper, rhodium, and cryo treated silver. Also has an on-board voltmeter. Thank-you all.
    @Muziqboy 's rig was a treat as always. Exceptional clarity and balance top to bottom.
    I didn't get to spend nearly enough time listening to other rigs, though the meet was full of excellent headphones, amps and DACs.
    The one I really missed out on was @Ham Sandwich 's Liquid Gold with Gungnir MB hot transported all the way from Portland. That is dedication.
    Hopefully someone took a few pictures.
    I posted pic's on the Can Meets page. So much easier on a phone.
  6. curbfeeler
    I posted some photos on canmeets at Facebook, too. Great to see old friends and new faces at the meet.
  7. gefski
    Thanks Gil for another fun one!

    The most foot-tapping for me was at @Muziqboy's new Dangerous Convert-2, fed by Dante. As we've come to expect from this file delivery, NOTHINGNESS, leaving true timbre, touch, graceful dynamic flow, alive vocals including correct sibilance. Was able to get to the essence of this despite the relatively small noisy room.
  8. Soundsgoodtome
    Dang, I really missed out. A baby orpheus?!

    I had all intentions of attending but I think I caught a stomach bug that had me straining to keep food down Sunday morning.
  9. Ham Sandwich
    I wish I could hot transport a DAC to a meet. I don't yet have the UPS and car battery power inverter to do it. In fact, I probably now hold the record for the coldest Schiit multibit DAC ever brought to a Seattle meet. The Gungnir multibit I brought hadn't been powered on in almost three months till I got to the meet. I'd been visiting family in Georgia since Christmas. I got back from Georgia just a few days before the Seattle meet. I never bothered to turn on the Gungnir since I got back. So it's been powered down since about two weeks before Christmas. Till it got to the meet.

    In Georgia I was listening with my "transportable" setup. Transportable in the sense that it fits in airline carry-on luggage. The transportable setup this time was a Liquid Platinum, LCD2 Classic (balanced), HD6xx (balanced), Modi multibit, Schiit Eiter, portable hard drive full of my music, dedicated laptop for audio playback, and the cables and wall warts necessary to get it all working. That transportable setup is finally good enough that I wasn't missing my setup at home. In past years when I've visited Georgia over Christmas I'd bring a Liquid Carbon or some other amp and have a desire to get back home to listen to the better gear at home. But this time I never got that feeling. I was listening to the transportable setup and totally content. I never wished that I was back home so I could listen to my bigger home system. The transportable setup was good enough that it didn't matter too much. The home system with the Liquid Fire, Liquid Glass, and Gungnir multibit is better and noticeably better. But the home system and transportable system were close enough in sound signature and abilities that it didn't really matter too much. And for that I am really really satisfied. When I got back from Georgia the first thing I did was set up the transportable system again because it is faster to setup and warms up faster. And now that I'm back from the Seattle meet I still haven't got the main system all back together again and powered up. But I've got the transportable setup back up and going.

    That the Liquid Platinum and Modi multibit combo is able to allow me not to miss the Liquid Fire & Liquid Glass and Gungnir multibit combo too much is pretty much the best endorsement I can give to that "transportable" setup.

    A goal for this year with the home setup is to get some proper power conditioning for the system and a UPS. The home system is on a rolling rack. I normally store the main system against the wall and roll it out next to my desk or recliner when I'm listening. I'd like to be able to roll it out into a different room for listening (like to the living room for TV and movies). But to do that I need a UPS so I can keep the DAC powered up during the move. So that's my desire for a UPS.
  10. freesole
    Would have loved to be a part of this but didn't realize this was going on. I'll be on the lookout for the next one!
  11. i20bot
    Usually the Bottlehead meet is in April. Is there a Bottlehead meet this year?
  12. Soundsgoodtome
    Really hoping to catch the next meet
  13. curbfeeler
    When where is the next Meet.
  14. Soundsgoodtome

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