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    Pristine vocals are the ultimate goal of every audiophile listener. You want to hear every breath, note, and nuance of the vocal performance. We've assembled for you on this compilation the greatest collection of audiophile vocal recordings ever made.

    Whether you like Jazz, Folk, World, or Latin music, there is something here that will speak to you. With songs from Macy Gray, Rebecca Pidgeon, Sara K, Marta Gomez, and many others, we've dug into the meat of our catalog to provide you with carefully selected songs that haven't been featured on many of our other samplers or compilations. This experience was tailor made for you, the true audiophile. So kick back, turn up the volume, and get lost in the sound.

    Rosa Passos, Ron Carter - Insensatez
    Christy Baron - Spooky
    Jen Chapin - Higher Ground
    Macy Gray - First Time
    Melissa Menago - Burning Away
    Noah Wall - Death Don’t Have No Mercy
    Sara K - Oh Well
    Marta Gomez - Canta
    Camille Thurman - Detour Ahead
    Louise Rogers - Comes Love
    Rebecca Pidgeon - Bring It On Home To Me
    Alexis Cole - Indian Summer
    Amber Rubarth - Ball And Chain
    Xiomara - Moliendo Cafe
    CC Colletti - When The Levee Breaks
    Badi Assad - Joana Francesa
    Ana Caram - O Amor em Paz (Once I Loved)
    Valerie Joyce - Close To You
    Rachel Z - Moon In Your Hair
    Laverne Butler - Day Dreamin
    Natasha - Walking By Myself
    Carla Lother - Flow My Tears

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