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I had to go thru Sam for a warranty return on my e3c's, which Sam helped me with. He got a bit bogged down (think he's busy as a one man show), but we got it all sorted out, and I did get my replacement e3c's. Try giving him a call, Sam seems like a pretty good guy, I don't think he'll screw you over.
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Sorry for this post as it seems Sam is going to help me
(he is working with shure canada) I find it odd that a business would just up and switch emails (especially one that is driven by online sales). I must say I was initially very impressed with Sam when I bought them.
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Do Shure customers in Canada have to go through the retailers to get their headphones serviced? In the USA we could just send it in to Shure (without receipts, even) and they'll usually send a replacement direct from Shure USA.
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I beg to differ. I just purchased a pair of westone um2's from sam today, and he was willing to meet me at a location of my choice as well..I'd definitely vouch for him.

As for shure warranty, you can simply send it back no questions asked, as long as it is within the 2 years.
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People need to switch isp from time to time because of bad service (e.g. Bell), why didn't you just give him a call before starting a whole neg thread?

Shure's manufacturer warranty only cover up to 2 years.
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You guys do realize how old this thread is, right? Well, not that old, but you get the idea.

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