24/7 COmputer help and Anti-virus too good to be true?
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Sep 16, 2009
So I'm wondering if anyone knows of any anti-virus software that comes with 24/7 computer help (some offer 24/7 technical support – but Cyberdefender is offering Computer Help for any kind of computer problem)? Do any others?

I've tried some other free anti-virus programs, and they all seem to slow my system down. The IT guy at work told me about CYberdfender, so I was curious and got the free version first, which like some other programs is a little confusing about what is free and what it does. I tried it, even though I wasn't sure about the whole free deal, but I liked 1) how fast it was, 2) the clear User Interface. 3) I like that it deals with viruses, trojans and spywares – all in one program, plus (4) it comes with 24/7 computer help and 5) they are a public company; they need to be a legit company to be traded on the NASDAQ. I didn’t like that the free version only scanned and removed trojans and spyware, but you had to buy the upgrade to remove viruses. The free one only scans for viruses - but I guess they got to make money too, right? Of course it had some pop ups reminding you to buy the upgrade, which was a little annoying, but I get it - I'm getting to use their trial verson for free.

So, so far this is my experience with Cyberdefender. Has anyone else had experience with it. I find their offer of 24/7 computer help something that is unique, not so much for me but for my son who can get computer help if I am away on a business trip. Sounds good to me!!!
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If they're offering their services for free, you might want to ask yourself where their income comes from. No company gives away a "free" product without expecting something in return. You should find out what the catch is.

As for antivirus and support, I haven't had a virus issue since 1990 when a few nasties for System 6 circulated. Since, I've had zero issues running OS X or Linux. On the rare occasions something comes up (usually when installing new hardware or software), I visit a few message boards like this one for help.
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If you have a good anti-virus and an internet connection, you really don't need tech support. I use NOD32 and my niece uses Avast (free) and all has been well so far. These programs generally catch threats before they can wreak havoc on your system.
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AntiVirus + Firewall + FireFox (w/ NoScript & AdBlock) and you should be fine.

I personally use Avast & Comodo, but you can use whatever you want.

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