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22 headphones later...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sargatanas, Jul 5, 2014.
  1. Sargatanas
    still havent found the perfect can for metal. still blows my mind that people recommend grado's for metal. bass is to weak and the hi's will make your brains leak out of your nostrils. seriously... what cans under $1000 are great for metal? like... strong kick drum with authority. a fun headphone. thanx
  2. Kaizer-J
  3. Sargatanas
    that thread is all over the place. according to the op's graph chart... the fostex th600's are the best for metal but not one post mentions the headphones. weird...
  4. elmoe
    Grado SR325s. No matter what you think OP, they're still the best.
  5. Sargatanas

    And discontinued. Not an option even I wanted to try them. Grados hurt my skull. Do not like
  6. elmoe
    If you were a real metalhead your head would hurt from headbanging not Grados anyway.
  7. barid
    Have you tried the lcd2? Nice mids and a solid low end.

    Sennheiser hd600 is also the best jack of all trades value around imo. Could try one of those.
  8. Claritas
    HE400i has a lot going for it. It has real drive, good soundstage, and the bass you want.
  9. Sargatanas

    No I haven't. I wonder which is a more fun headphone between the fostex 600 or the lcd2?
  10. barid
    Fun is typically referred to as like an authoritative bass punch and sparkle up in the treble.  I do not have experience with the fostex 600, but I do with the previous Denon models they are similar too.  If the fostex 600 is anything like the denon d2000/5000/7000 then I would call it more fun than the lcd2.
  11. mac336
    I think the Fostex is more fun.    It might be what you are looking for

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