2116 Bit Rate WAV Files From Youtube
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Feb 4, 2014
Most of the music I love is not available in audiophile format (and much of it will never be). Buying music in low-end formats from Amazon and ITunes is no solution for me. I have been purchasing CD's and ripping them as uncompressed WAV's--but that will stop today. You can get CD quality music (or better) from Youtube. I am using 4K Video Downloader (https://www.4kdownload.com/) and JRiver Media Center to complete the process.
Let us use Al Green, for example, who for some reason has no audiophile recordings available.
1) In Youtube, search #AlGreen ['pound' and your artist name, no spaces]
2) An uploader named #AlGreen will be available. Go to the #AlGreen page.
3) Entire albums will be available and organized as playlists. Select an album/playlist and copy the URL from the opened page.
4) "Paste Link" in 4K Video Downloader. It will ask if you would like to download the entire playlist. Click yes, and select the highest video quality (1080p). Do not extract the playlist to audio; it will force conversion into a poor file format.
5) Before finalizing download, type in a new folder for your album in the 'save to' path. In this instance, I first created a main folder, "Al Green", and then a subfolder, "I'm Still in Love with You." After that download was finished, it was easy to create the folder, "Let's Stay Together" within the primary "Al Green" folder. You'll definitely want to keep things organized step-by-step. God knows how many albums you will download.
6) You may want to rename your files at this point.
7) "Convert Video to Audio" in JRiver Media Center. You can line up all your files in one go. I always go with uncompressed WAV for maximum quality. The difference is substantial when converted to DSD. JRiver offers whatever file format you prefer though.
Strangely, the process is not illegal! 4K Video Downloader is supported by both Microsoft and Apple.
The results are amazing. There are many independent uploaders who rip their rare or no-longer-published music from vinyl into 1080p quality. If you are an R&B / Funk person, try the uploader 'Philip Richardson'. Seek them out!
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The audio in Youtube videos is already compressed. It is an AAC audio stream, or Opus in the newer WebM videos, with a bit rate of probably 128Kbps or less. If you are getting 2116Kbps audio files, that means you are making a higher resolution lossless version of a low bitrate, 44.1KHz lossy audio stream, which is no better than the original lossy audio.

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