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2019 Digital Audio Players - Hopes, Expectations, Predictions

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by dblml320, Dec 6, 2018.
  1. dblml320
    I thought I would start a thread to discuss what we are looking for in DAPs in 2019. We had several players in 2018, some impressed, some well, may have been better left unreleased.

    I will kick this off with my expectations and hopes for 2019:

    1. All DAP units will update their firmware either with WIFI or via a custom smartphone app that pushes the update via bluetooth. The clumsiness of downloading, copying to a card and then flashing is getting old.

    2. All DAP units support playing of media from the at least the big 3 streaming services: Spotify, Amazon, and Apple, and also be able to play music from a network share or DLNA server.

    3. Increase storage to at least 1TB. We will likely see 1TB cards in 2019, so hopefully all new DAPs support those cards

    4. When playing music from a phone through a DAP, capability to stream an incoming call through the DAP. Getting really wild in thinking, both video and audio on the DAP of the call. Can you say Dick Tracy video wristwatch?!

    5. Support for all new file formats: MQA, DSF, WV, etc

    6. Better sound quality: If that is possible!

    7. One new feature that brings back the whiz bang in these products!
  2. zikarus
    Would love to see a Mojo 2. Best with Poly included in one single case.

    That would give me headaches at least as I am thinking about buying a new dap and am already not able to decide between a Hiby R6 Pro vs. putting out some extra cash for an A+K SE100 or SP1000m. A Mojo 2 release would make decisions even harder ...
  3. Redcarmoose
    Truly satisfied with what I own. I’m not looking for anything, strange as it may sound.

    If I could rent a time machine and visit a store in 2030.....well then I would expect to find tiny form factors that do what our DAPs do now. In 2030 there would be more memory and maybe a desktop signature with the imaging and damping factors only a desktop can provide now.

    But as far as realistically needing something more (this year)? I don’t know?
  4. artpiggo
    I cant expect it more. May be nu tube amp module for ibasso DX150/200.

    And yeah expect ESS 9038 in DX300.

    More internal Storage? For me, not need. Just give at least 2 micro sd slot ( and probably sim card slot?)

    More battery life, Sure!
    lantian likes this.
  5. phower
    Sorry to burst your bubble. I don't expect any of your expectations will be met. DAPs are a very small segment of consumer products. Apart from people here on head-fi, nobody cares about them. I myself have 4 DAPs yet I use my smartphone only due to convenience despite the audio quality not being great.
  6. dblml320

    You may be quite right.. If these hardware companies want to sell product then improvement and innovation are essential. DAPs like small cameras are feeling the negative sales effects of smartphones also....
  7. Leexu
    Will Astell & Kern announce a new flagship? Any ideas?
  8. davidcotton
    7- Native Podcast and audiobook support in the native software would be nice :)
  9. silverfishla
    I like the Nu-tube amp module idea because I have a DIY (Millett) amp that use that and it performs well and doesn’t pickup RF noises. I think it would be better, though, to have the amp as the stable feature and have the DAP portion be the changeable module (since there is where the changing tech is).
  10. antz123
    My expectations are bit simpler

    1) 2 MicroSD support, i need space :frowning2:
    2) Good Update, or Android based system with 4gb RAM, and decent responsive screen ( not crazy on bezel-less or brightness)
    3) Black background, no hiss, no nothing
    4) Better Battery life than 6 odd hours
    5) Musical signature even if via modular amp section, but then dont kill battery life

    thats all...
  11. dblml320
    These are all really good suggestions! I especially agree with 1, 2, and 5.

    I will also add .. I think the idea of a headphone amp and separate DAP needs to evolve into a DAP with a good set of plugin amps that serve different kinds of audio signatures and headphone impedances.
  12. artpiggo
    Nutube amp module for DX200 is launched! My wish come true even before 2019.

    lantian likes this.
  13. lantian
    Wish Fiio would get their act together and release some amp modules for their players.
  14. antz123

    To be honest - I am ok even carrying a brick DAP + Separate portable AMP, just give a decent DAP, no frills, nothing fancy,

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