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2018: Your top 5 favourite dacs

  1. smodtactical
    I made this thread for everyone to recommend their favourite dacs in a concise format so people can have a thread with all recommendations in a easy to read format. Then from there if they want to explore a specific dac they can search for it on the forum and learn more.

    Please rank your choices. They can be at any budget level but ideally your most favorite and something you like in 2018 (as opposed to something that was great for its time but you are not into now).

    If you want to put in which headphones you use with the dacs, please put it in brackets.

    For example [this isn't a real list just an example]

    1. Schiit Yggydrasil Analog 2 (HD800S)
    2. Chord Dave (LCD 2, HEXv2)
    3. Vioelectric V850 (HD800S, HEXv2)
    4. Chord Mojo (Sennheiser HD 650)
    5. Gugnir multibit (HD800)

    Feel free to add comment section below your list. But if possible keep below the list just for readability.

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  2. earChasm
    1. Schiit Gungnir MB = HDVA600 -> HD800 (fully ballanced)
    2. Schiit Bifrost 4490 = Asgard 2 -> AQ Nighthawk
    3. iFi iDSD Black = Hifiman 400i
    4. Chord 2Qute = not my cup of tea, probably bcoz bad synergy.
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  3. TheoS53
    I can only speak for items I've actually demo'd/reviewed

    1. iFi Pro iDSD
    2. iFi Micro iDSD BL
    3. Chord Hugo 2
    4. iFi xDSD
    5. Chord Mojo

    I've put the Micro iDSD BL above the Hugo 2, despite the Hugo sounding a bit better. But that's because, for the price, the iDSD BL is unbeaten in value. Same thing goes for the xDSD sitting above the Mojo. I didn't compare these 2 directly, but I liked the iDSD BL more than the Mojo, and could hear that the iDSD BL is also a bit better than the xDSD too. So I think the xDSD vs Mojo battle would be quite interesting. The xDSD is also around $200 cheaper than the Mojo
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  4. phaeton70
    1. MSB Analog (Focal Utopia, Hifiman HE6)
    2. Auralic Vega (Hifiman HEKv2, Denon AH-D7200)
  5. sheldaze
    1. Schiit Yggdrasil Analog 2 > Eddie Current Balancing Act > HD800S (eerie to be so connected to the music)
    2. Metrum Onyx > Eddie Current Aficionado > Utopia (relaxed, detailed)
    3. Chord Qutest > DNA Sonett 2 > HD580 (precision)
    4. Schiit Bifrost Multibit > Schiit Valhalla 2 > HD650 (synergy)
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