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1MORE Piston in-ear headphones review

  1. viperxp


    This review will be dedicated to new in-ear monitor earphones from 1more.
    1more? Well, those guys are making the Xiaomi piston headphones for Xiaomi, so that's a proper mass-production brand.
    Besides making headphones for Xiaomi, 1more also sell some earphones (and headphones) with their own brand, and the ones reviewed here belong to that brand. The box and the left earphone feature a logo of "The Voice of China", and those are supposed to be another edition of the Xiaomi Piston 3 earphones. I am not sure how it can be true, as those earphones differ greatly.
    What really surprised me is the price of those. At moment of writing the review, the earphones can be purchased for less than 20$, hope my review will help you understand if they are worth the money.

    Shall we start?

    The headphones arrive in a small carton box. The dominating colors are red and black (that's also the case with the earphones).
    Inside the thin outer shell there is a small hard box
    The box (padded) contains 3 compartments and two other boxes. Plastic box with the earphones, carton box with the carrying bag and stainless steel clip and compartment with user manual and additional information.
    That's the user manual, and additional boocklet explaining the various features of the earphones. Other models of 1more headphones feature are tuned by a Grammy Award winning mixer
    ,according to 1more website. I guess that those pistons are also tuned by that person, because of the picture inside the features boocklet.
    This small carrying bag (with a soft,valour-like feel) is bundled with the earphones. It has a nice feature in the opening - after you put earphones inside they will not slide out in any case - it is being closed automatically and you have to open it to slide the headphones out.
    Small stainless clip - to help keep the earphones inside your ears.
    And, we are getting to the earphones. They arrive in a small plastic box (very similar to the one that comes with second generation Piston's).
    The bag contains several more tips for the earphones. Note that the "L" tips are not really "L", they are currently installed on the earphones, as I like a tighter fit.
    The earphones come winded on a special flexible mount, that keeps the earphones safe and the cable untangled. It takes a little time to get used to, but the cable and the earphones should look like new if you use it. I think I will use the bundled bag, and use this device only for long-term storage.
    Here they are, Surely look good (if you don't have enything against red and/or black :) )
    The plug is gold plated, made of metal. Note the small tension reducer.
    The cable is very soft and covered in a red fabric of some kind.
    The cloth covered cable comes all the way to the Y split, where two silicone cables start. The spil point - also made of metal.
    The remote is made from plastic (does not feel flimsy) but the buttons seem to be made from metal. The remote successfully controled Nexus 5 ( Android 6) and Iphone 6S+Ipad Air2 (iOS 9.2) , both volume and start/stop.
    And here they are. The headphones are mostly made of metal (only he part that is facing the ear is made from plastic), Please note that there is also a venting hole.
    Some size comparison pictures with Xiaomi Pistons 2.0 and OnePlus Silver Bullets. The overall quality and feel seems to be better on 1more headphones.
    A picture of my setup, I think that the colors of the cable and Dignis case really suit each other well.


    Hey, what about the sound ?

    Well, those earphones sound great. That's the short description.
    A longer one : because the earphones are not too expensive, and GearBest has them titled as "1MORE Super Bass In-ear Earphones" I was afraid to get small subwoofers that would not be bearable. But I also hoped the description not to be precise, as many DJ headphones are very balanced, and not only "hitting hard" as you suppose they would.
    So .... The sound signature is definitely V shaped, but with a controlled bass that does not bleed heavily to other frequencies, and a detailed highs. The mids are great too, but not as great as the  highs and the lows. If you compare those earphones with the Pistons (I only have 2.0, not the 3.0), the 1more are more balanced, a less heavy on bass without excessive bleed and with more information in the high frequencies region. The mids are not recessed, but can't be described as "sweet".
    And ... I listened to those phones with FiiO X3 second generation, Iphone 6S, Ipad Air 2 and Nexus 5.
    Iphone 6S - great sound, not too much bass, 80-90% of volume is enough for most genres
    Ipad Air 2 - more open sound than on the Iphone, more air, more volume, definitely better sound.
    Nexus 5 - darker sound with bass bleed into other frequencies. This is not a good source for those earphones
    FiiO 3 second gen - great sound, could not find a problem with that match.
    The earphones are rated at 5mW max power input. They had no problem to cope with 50% of FiiO's 200mW , so that spec is underrated.
    I listened to various artists and found no genre that it could not cope with gracefully. Maybe you'd need some equalizing on a music very saturated in high frequencies, besides that - no problem at all.
    Artists I listened to (not limited to) : Manoway,Metallicca,Eminem,NVOB,Beck,Inna,The Pretty reckless,Rihanna,Taylor Swift,Selena Gomez ....
    Fit :
    The fit is much better for me than on Pistons 2.0, the earphones stay in my ears and don't fall off when I sit or walk around. For running - around the ear fit locks the earphones in very

    Conclusion, final words

    Right now those are my best earphones. If someone will ask me for recommendation of cheap and good sounding earphones I will surely recommend those earphones, as they sound really good to my taste, have a nice set of bundled stuff.
    the headphones were provided for review by www.gearbest.com
  2. urbach
    This what I recently bought. 1More hybrid
    The box that comes with it. Well build box. Quality box.
    3 pairs of silicone tips plus 1 pair attached to the ear piece.
    1 plane jack.
    1 metal clip.
    1 box pouch.(good quality)
    Well build ear piece, good cable.
    OTB sound, mid and high are fantastic. Bass not that good but after a day of "burn in", bass tighten up. Will burn in further.
    PS. hopefully this thread dedicated to 1More product.
  3. Jim85IROC

    The family resemblance between these and the Piston 3 headphones is very apparent.  The shape of the overall housing is different, but the cabling, aside from the color, is identical, as is most of the packaging.  The hard case, the silicone mount, mounts for the spare tips, etc.  It's all identical to the Piston 3.  Your description of the sonic signature "v-shaped" seems to differ from my impressions of the Piston 3, which to my ears, sounds more like a sloped profile with boosted bass and recessed highs.  If the 1more version has the same overall sound but with more highs, it sounds like it may appeal to me... aside from the red cord.
  4. viperxp

    Wow, they look good.
    Could you please compare the sound to sound of some other headphones that you happen to own and also indicate the source that you use?
  5. viperxp
    While there is resemblance ...
    1. If you will look at pictures of the 1more and the Xiaomi's (especially the internal structure) you will see that they are very different. I don't know how do those Xiaomi's sound, but they are not just other edition of 1more's.
    2. There is no shortage in highs, I can tell you that. In fact. The mids are not recessed, just the quality and the quantity of bass and treble is noticed more.
    Maybe that's the souse that you are using? With Nexus 5 the sound is different, with more less defined bass and highs less detailed.
  6. Jim85IROC

    I'm hearing a definite lack of highs.  That said, my other IEMs seem to have the same lack of highs, so it may be something to do with the shape of my ears.  I get no lack of highs with over-ear headphones, but with my 2 pairs of IEMs, I seem to get virtually nothing above around 8khz.
  7. viperxp

    Definitely no such poblem with 1more's.
  8. urbach
    Here simple review of my all time favourite Hybrid, UrbanFun against new 1More Hybrid.
    IEM=UrbanFun Hybrid & 1More Hybrid
    Equipment=Xduoo X3 with Line Out
    Amp=Fiio E11k/A3(High Gain only/ No Bass Boast)
    Ear Tips=both on Comply Foam
    Vol=3(UrbanFun), Vol=3.5/4(1More) any higher my eardrum will bleed.hahaha..
    1More sound tend to be a little bit lower so i up 0.5 till 1 step to balance with UrbanFun.

    Songs in FLAC
    Within Temptation-Whole World Watching(instrucmental)
    Within Temptation-Whole World Is Watching
    Marina Kaye-Freeze You Out(Acoustic)
    Marina Kaye-Homeless
    The Corrs-Unconditional
    The Gentle Storm-Endless Sea(storm version instrumental)
    The Gentle Storm-Endless Sea(storm version)
    2Cellos-The Resistance
    Def Leppard-Hysteria

    Here my 2cents:
    1.great fit to my ear. just pop in, dont need any adjustment. Great angle design tip.(wont know it there)
    2.great isolation,cable good soft untangleable
    3.fantastic high and mid, good details, wide soundstage, smooth
    4.solid punchy bass,nice subbass(like subbass in the background, simply nice)
    5.overall sound have volume and body to it
    1.good comfortable fit but need a bit of adjustment
    2.cable, this only thing i hate about Urbanfan, the cable kind of have a memory effect.
    3.Fantastic high and mid, great details, wide very 3D soundstage, airy, a bit thin compare to 1More
    4.great bass, fantastic sub bass(i'm not a fan of too much sub bass)

    If you to ask me to choose which the best, I cant. Just love both of them, like "torn beween two lovers". UrbanFun with wide airy 3D soundstage, 1More with smooth full body sound and solid punchy bass. On top of that, 1More package is way better than UrbanFun. Build quality and the accessories given two thumb up.
    viperxp likes this.
  9. vsls
    Has anyone compared 1More Voice of China to Xiaomi Hybrid? I liked the big soundstage of Hybrids and the fun slightly V-shaped sound so since my Hybrid don't work anymore I was wondering if I should buy them again or replace them with 1More that have a similar price.
  10. viperxp
    I will get hold on both 1more hybrids and the Xiaomi hybrids really soon, so I'd suggest to wait for the comparison. Please PM me if you want my comparison prior to publishing a review.
  11. urbach

    Get yourself 1more hybrid if you have the cash. You won't be disappointed. Else get the 1more voice of China. Skip xiaomi hybrid, not worthy.
  12. vsls

    I am currently waiting for a refund and I would probably have to order soon since I don't want to wait much more due to the Chinese holidays. I hope that you will get soon your pair for a comparison though! Please let me know when you receive them!

    Unfortunately I can't get 1More Hybrid, they seem quite excellent though. Have you tried both Voice of China and Xiaomi Hybrid? I would gladly order again Hybrid unless Voice is better.
  13. viperxp

    Got my package yesterday. Did not open it, but a co-worker have bought the 1more hybrids, after trying my 1more phones. I had a short try of the 1more hybrids - think they sound better, have more bass extension and better defined highs.
    I will do my best to compare the 1more with Xiaomi hybrids and post my initial thought today in the evening.
  14. vsls

    Great! Thanks I really appreciate that. Unfortunately I can't afford now 1More Hybrids so any input on Voice of China will be more than helpful!
  15. viperxp

    Well, I did a short comparison.
    Xiaomi hybrid - great soundstage, recessed mids, very V shaped sound signature
    1more voice of China - balanced overall
    1more hyrids - balanced, detailed and nice highs

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