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1more E1001 Triple Driver headphones were named Best Headphones for Summer by Consumer Reports

  1. Jupit3r

    Cousumer Reports has listed the best headphones and speakers for the summer of 2016, and the 1more E1001 Triple Driver headphones are on the top of the list.

    Crtiticized by many for its excessive packaging, the 1more E1001 Triple Driver headphones still won the hearts and ears of the majority of customers with its compelling value and fascinating sound quality. Priced at only $89 (on Amazon), these headphones are well-designed and have 1 unit of dynamic driver and 2 units of armature drivers, which offer sweet and balanced sound to its listeners.




    You can also read my written reviews here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/808683/1more-e1001-triple-driver-in-ear-headphones-review


    Other headphones and speakers on the list are the Grado Prestige SR325e, Scosche SportClip 3, Bose SoundLink Color, Jabra Solemate MAX, Libratone Zipp Mini, Marshall Kilburn, Sonos Play:5 (2015) and UE Megaboom. The 1more E1001 is one of the only two products priced under $100.

    You can take a look at the full list here: http://www.consumerreports.org/wireless-speakers/best-headphones-and-wireless-speakers-for-summer/

  2. mikek200
    I got them about 2 weeks ago---$99.00
    As of now,my #1 earphone,I've just completed about 50 hours of burn-in,and although the SQ was good before,now,it has reached a new level of enjoyment,simply superb,an earphone that lets you,into the music.;& relax.
    I am using them on my desktop setup,which is:
    SchiitAsgaard2 amp/Gungnir MB dac.
    I do use a Fiio X3,when I travel,or,relax outside.,never take them on a train,bus,subway
    This combo,is what I'd call neutral to neutral/warm.
    90% of my music{all flac files},are soundtrack files,mostly composed by Hans Zimmer ,& a few hours.,some jazz,some 80's rock
    Female vocals,are outstanding with these earphones,almost life like,involving to such an extent,that it's like,having her,in front of you.
    As I'm the new kid on the block,regarding earphones,and own a few,I must say these are !0x's better then most I own,that included the IE800 Sennheiser,which,are IMHO,one of the cheapest earphones made{avoid,like the plague,,if possible},.and outrageously expensive.
    Also,the packaging the 1More's come is,the best I've ever seen,ever square in of the inside box,has it's own compartment ,each tip,a special department ,so,its almost impossible to loose them--very nice
    I strongly recommend the 1More's an excellent product
  3. kiler
    Damnnn all these reports really make me want to try these out :b I'll have to take a look at them 
  4. mikek200
    For $88- bucks,you won't regret it.
    Just the case is worth more
  5. Jupit3r
    $88 is not much to gamble on, if you get them and decide that you don't like them, you can give them away as a gift, anyone who receives them as a gift would be happy, even audiophiles.
  6. mikek200
    Believe me,you will love them
    Just dont make the mistake I made....,make sure you put in the correct  sized tips
    You will start to hear a difference in SQ after about 50-60 hrs,of break-in
  7. canali
    quite the kudos 
    As I'm the new kid on the block,regarding earphones,and own a few,I must say these are !0x's
    better then most I own,that included the IE800 Sennheiser,which,are IMHO,one of the cheapest
    earphones made{avoid,like the plague,if possible},.and outrageously expensive.

  8. canali
  9. Jupit3r
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  10. Traveller
    JustForFun [​IMG]
    8-BAs / 1 BA / 2 BAs + DD
  11. canali
    that is some serious firepower, there..kudos...lovely pic, too..
    .hope you'll share your thoughts on the 1more e1001, esp compared to the etys and angies.
    pros/cons etc.  
    i am still assessing them (limited exposure admitttedly and i'm not as skilled in my listening
    as many of your are, however) they rate very favourably to the vsonic gr07 classic.
    .. overall wonderfully detailed and balanced and fun iem for the buck.
    still have them but they might go as i have the trinity delta v2 in...and incoming shortly (granted our postal strike doesn't happen)
    the flc 8s
  12. Traveller
    Thx. I didn't mean to imply through that photo that I would compare those IEMs; they just happen to be the three (quality) IEMs I have [​IMG]
    It would be foolish to suggest they are incomparable simply based on price class, but the fact is that the other two IEMs pictured are in another "sonic" class.
    I bought the €120 E1001 to audition for a friend, having read good things about it (and no, not on Consumer Reports*). For what it is, a "musically fun" IEM, I would say they are awesome. Even more so given the price. You are also getting an impressive "package" - from the boxing to the accessories. Really amazing what they managed for "$100".
    Now if you force me to go all audiophile-badass on you, then I would say they are LF-biased, have an obvious rolled-off treble and a tad too laid back. The trumpet, Saxophones and piano from Mile Davis' Freddie Freeloader have been striped of the fine nuances that define their true timbre... .
    But I would be amazed if 1MORE's intention with the E1001s was to strive for accuracy or analytics; my guess is that they were going for a warmer, musically-fun sound and if that's the case, mission accomplished!
    *I chose this thread to post the photo as it was one of few "generic" threads on this IEM. I'm not a big Consumer Reports user...
  13. canali
    many thanks for this below.
    as i said in my email to you, I highly enjoy reading of seasoned people like yourself (and shotgunshane, nmatheis, hifichris etc)
    critically assess something, and be able to talk of 'timbre, bass speed, low vs high mids, etc in their reviews.
    all those nuances I don't know yet to understand ....for now i can only see the forest...but not the trees.
    thanks for your feedback....i'm going to delve into some books or courses on how to listen to/assess music.
    for me i often fiddle with my EQ to better understand the basics...but good luck with applying that to the specifics of each group.
    perhaps a good place for me to start:

    Using Tone Generators to compare various IEMS and headphones  by Mike Dias of 'Ultimate Ears'

  14. Dohyun
    I'm a classical music type of guy but I bought these anyways because they went for $60 at costco which is a bargain. So excited to audition them.
  15. Thomas De Brito
    did you get them yet

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