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$155 wireless IEMs w/ integrated mp3 player

  1. zzffnn
    This is a kickstarter project started by a M.I.T. post-doctoral physicist, a master degree biologist and a experienced mechanical engineer. 

    Briefly, the IEMs have 
    1) mp3 player built in;
    2) no wire required for listening;
    3) storage space for up to 24 mp3s;
    4) battery life of 3-4 hrs;
    5) 6mm micro dynamic drivers;
    6) controls operated by bite force.



    Processor: ARM Cortex M3 32bit
    Memory: NOR Flash, capacity from 64MB to 256MB
    Max Audio Output Power per channel: 20mW
    Audio Amplifier SNR: 100dB
    Speaker Type: 6mm Neodymium Dynamic Driver
    Frequency response: 20Hz-20,000Hz
    Sensitivity (1kHz): 105dB/mW
    Speaker impedance 16 Ohm 

    I am not sure I will back this project or buy their product yet. But the idea is pretty cool. 

    Disclaimer: I do not know the designers of that project and have not communicated with them. I just saw it on Kickstarter and thought I would share this cool idea.

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