1101 Audio custom crafted headphone amps
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Too many tubes already. I figured I can live with tubeless rectification.
(I made the same call with my Glenn 6EL3N amp)

Still got tube rectification in my GOTL amp and Eric's IEM amps (Plural. 2nd one on-order)
I just realized I never named my McChanson amps! Both are custom designs for me, so I got the right to name them... :thinking:

Call them Starsky and Hutch.

Keep these custom amps well. My only regret is selling off GOTL. It's a piece of history now and so will Solar Flare be years from now.
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I like the idea of naming them as a pair. Starsky and Hutch is so 1970s, though...
Could be worse, such as Cagney and Lacey.
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I've been following this one and have been blown away by what this amp is offering...but the fact that it has a pro bias estat out makes me want this BADLY!

I know Solar Flare is a one off, but truly hope that Mischa's next creation includes a pro bias estat out. It would be great to have a Mischa-made competitor to the LTA Z10e (standard head out, pro bias out, and speaker taps).
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In fact, bring all your custom amps to CanJam. You will probably be banned. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If he brings all his custom amps, everyone else Can’tJam… 😒😉
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I'm seeing some parallels here. 🤣


Seriously though that is one uber cool amp! And my hat's off to Mischa for figuring out how to make it all work.
A great description of this amp.

The ability to drive e-stats was a complete shocker....So very cool!
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Solar flare can drive anything except for possibly your car, or can it?
AI enhanced version is planned for the next release.
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Would you like to buy a Stax SR-X9000 now? My friend is selling his.
No thanks. I have several others, and I am good on the eStat front for now :ksc75smile:

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