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Jun 7, 2002
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Jun 7, 2002
Hey all,
Amazon has a share the love program going on. I guess whatever you buy you can email a friend the opportunity to get 10% off the same thing. Plus they have free shipping for $50 purchases. If we worked it out we could email each other 10% discounts on our favorite DVDs or SACD or whatever....
Just a thought.

edit Sunday 6/24:
Reading up on this program, the person that emails the discount also gets a credit to their account.
I am planning to buy some of the great music posted on the "last 5 cds purchased" and on "best female vocalists for headphones"
If you let me know what great music you will be buying soon, If I buy it I will email you the 10% off.

We could really work this in our favor by setting up a what I want to buy thread, then the first one to buy it could email the discount to the next person then that person could email to the next and on and on.

Mabey I just have too much time on my hands since I was laid off a few weeks ago.
I will be buying Cowboy Junkies - The Trinity Sessions if anyone wants a 10% off coupon sent to them...( I have never heard them, yet it sounds like something I will like.
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