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Sep 20, 2016
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Effect Audio announces the all-new ‘Heritage Series’ Flagship: “Leonidas II”

Revolutionary unconventional new design fully utilizes industry first ‘Palladium-Plated Silver’ to create an unmatched superior listening experience.

Effect Audio Headquarters, Singapore, 2018 – Effect Audio, a leading designer & atelier of boutique high-end audiophile cables announced the introduction of an all-new iteration and primed successor of the reputed and accredited “Leonidas” - “Leonidas II”. Drawing upon Effect Audio’s R&D experience & expertise since 2009 and with the recent exposure to groundbreaking contemporary materials “Palladium” infused into cables, Effect Audio broke through the industry’s plateau and actualized the perfect iteration of “Leonidas” in the “Leonidas II”, bringing about a truly unique melodious experience.


Path To Success

Effect Audio’s first of the many successes in the global head-fi scene was exemplified by "Leonidas", launched on the first Singapore CanJam in 2016. During then, the launch represents a turning point for Effect Audio and their team members. Since launch, both its sound quality and built quality have received numerous accreditation and accolades. Its unique tonality and timbre has captured the hearts of many and its technicalities and allure was not easily replicable with alternate offerings.

Opposed to the conventional approach of cable crafts, 'Leonidas' explores unprecedented design philosophy, methodologies, materials and employs a completely redesigned customized cable make up and geometry. Featuring accredited woven Litz wiring technique and individually enameled strands, "Leonidas" was a product that excels well ahead of its time. “Leonidas” not only represents EA’s spirit of innovation but also symbolizes EA’s dedication to the creation of exceptional and worthy products.

“Leonidas II” is built upon the past successful design of its former iteration featuring golden ratio of 7 core bundle accredited woven Litz and a reconditioned customized geometry design that manages to solve the inadequacies of the “Leonidas”.

Technology & Features

At the core of the “Leonidas II” is a radical, Industry-First application of Palladium Plated Silver that has been covertly researched by Effect Audio’s team several years in the making. Palladium in audio application is not new in the Hi-Fi segment of the industry albeit unapproached within the Head-Fi scene due to materials scarcity and technological impediment. Palladium in cables application has been found to provide exemplary details and superior openness while providing a detailed focus on the sound imaging in comparison to non-palladium cables. Palladium plated upon Silver cores effectuate an unsurpassed high frequency and mid-range viscosity without sounding harsh or fatiguing.


Selecting from the most exceptional grades of materials, “Leonidas II” features both high grade Customized Litz Silver as well as Palladium Plated Silver processed with the revered patented UP-OCC (Ultra-Purity Ohno Continuous Cast) technology which is undoubtedly highly sought after in high end audio industry. The unidirectional UP-OCC refining eliminates electrical resistance and omits crystal boundaries. These specialized refinements allow for a faster transmission of electrical signals and reproduce little to no distortion compared to common silver wires.

Effect Audio’s bold and sui generis geometry design has always been touted by the audiophile community, the “Leonidas II” is no exception. Sporting a highly researched septuplet core bundle Litz formed with the golden ratio of dispersion of Palladium plated silver and Silver Litz, “Leonidas II” once again has broken through industry norms and conventional ideology for cable crafts.

Superior Plugs Collaborators

Picture6.png Picture5.png

Oyaide Electric is known for their superior plugs and connectors within the audiophile industry. Effect Audio has partnered with Oyaide for the PSquared Plug which features precious metal plating (Palladium/Platinum) and which passes the stringent tests certified for a Hi-Fi connector plug.

Pentaconn is the official designer and manufacture for the all-new 4.4mm balanced plug. Effect Audio has partnered with Pentaconn to product the P-EA official 4.4mm plug made exclusively for Effect Audio.

“Leonidas II” is sported with Oyaide’s collaborated PSquared for the 2.5mm & 3.5mm connectors while Pentaconn’s endorsed P-EA 4.4mm for the 4.4mm connector. These connectors are a major upgrade to the regular Rhodium plated plugs offering seamless connectivity, wider spectrum, rich decadence and surreal dynamics amongst others.

Avant-Garde Customizable Y-Split


For the first time, Effect Audio will be unveiling EA-Custom Y-Split design. The “Leonidas II” comes equipped with a modernistic Y-Split with Patina leather that is selected from premium leather and further hand burnished; presenting a unique patina style that is in sync with emerging fashion trends. The new Y-split is of a modular design and could be further customized and upgraded in the near future. The All-New Y-split design was built with ergonomically sound calculations reducing the weight of the cable while eliminating undesirable microphonic and mechanical noises.

Premium Patina Selects Case

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“Leonidas II” comes with a “Premium Patina Selects” Case that is individually handcrafted individually from supple oil-pull leather and vegetable tan calf. The case would be a perfect complement to “Leonidas” and the user’s accompanying in-ear monitors. Unique patina and user marks will develop with use and imprints a unique mark of character in the natural finish.

Product Specifications

- 26awg
- Selected UP-OCC
- Golden Ratio Palladium Plated Silver & Litz Silver Hybrid
- Septuplet Core Bundle Litz
- Individually Enameled Strands
- Superior PSquared / P-EA plugs
- EA Ultra-Flex Jacket

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