£60-100, good for films and acoustic songs
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May 3, 2008
Looking for some full size headphones to meet the below criteria.
  1. Between £60-£100
  2. Decent for films and tv series
  3. To play acoustic guitar instrumental tracks and classical (128-256k bit rate)
  4. To be used on a computer (creative x-fi music sound card)
  5. Would also consider an amp and cheaper headphones, not sure if its best to spend whole budget on headphones rather than both amp and cheaper headphones.

Cheers for suggestions
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Grados are AMAZING for acoustic guitars, but not so hot for films. Also, I've heard they're quite expensive in the UK.
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My two favorites for film and acoustic music are the AKG K-501 and the Beyerdynamic DT48. The K-501 is discontinued, but can be found used between $150-$200 USD. It needs amplification, but has a wide soundstage and sounds terrific.

The DT48 does alright without an amp, but costs about $300 USD new. Used ones seem to go between $50-$150 USD. The DT48 is more forward than a K-501 and has a narrower soundstage, but also sounds terrific and has loads of detail.
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I liked the price of the goldring dr150s though im now very tempted by the grado sr-60s after reading a few reviews. They also look like they would really last, unlike my HD555's which have a dodgey right speaker (though only occasionally, most of the time they work fine
). Thinking ill stick it out with my HD555's for films/tv and grab some sr-60s for music.

The SR-60's are about £72 from a uk site which works out at about $140. Are there any US sites that ship abroad? Would prob work out cheaper.
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Can get them delivered from todd the vinyl junkie (head-fi sponsor on the left) for $93 - £48. Not sure if once it arrives in the uk it would be subject to duty/tax though as mentioned on dxcstore. Then there's also the issue of warranty...
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I really like the Sennheiser HD 595 for watching movies (and acoustical music also). Don't know how much they are (in the UK?) but maybe their little brother HD 555 is something you could be interested in.

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Originally Posted by Rednamalas1 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
RP21s for classical, movies, acoustic music?

I couldn't disagree more.

at least they have more bass weight than the Grado's and the midrange is well detailed and focused. for movies they're good. acoustic the rock! not sure with classical.

what's your suggestion?
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Cheers for the suggestions. Can pick up a HD595 for around £95 delivered. The Audio Technica ATH-AD700 look like they could take more of a beating, assuming the wings are an alloy or are they plastic?

Also looked at the Denon AH-D1001 and noticed this in the description:


Acoustic optimiser - Optimum acoustics characteristics are achieved by adjusting the sound pressure balance in front of and behind the diaphragm.

Load of bull **** or would they be the best option for me? They are closed though, I have liked my open hd 555's and im always listening in a quite room.

Decisions decisions...

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