1. Biscuitz

    HE500 + NuForce Icon HDP?

    Can the NuForce Icon HDP's amplifier sufficiently drive the HE500? I have the Icon HD (same DAC / amp as the HDP, fewer features) and I have the cash to drop on $700 headphones. I've been thinking about the HE500, but was concerned about my only available amp - Icon HD. I heard somewhere that...
  2. Golotripa

    Hifiman HE-500 with the Yulong D100 MKII?

    Hi all,   I have a Yulong D100 MKII on order and should arrive soon. Wondering if anyone has tried this amp/dac with the Hifiman HE-500? Is this a sufficient amp/dac to generally get the most out of the HE-500? If not, what are your recommendations of an upgrade (without exceeding $1000)...
  3. furjim

    Yulong D100II not recognized in Windows 7

    My laptop ran out of battery and my computer did a hard shutdown while my Yulong D100-II was connected. Now, Windows 7 is not recognizing the device -- it says "Unknown Device" whenever it is turned on. Any ideas on how to fix this? I tried disabling and re-enabling the USB hubs to no avail. It...
  4. koc

    Yulong D100 MKII or your suggestion for D-7100 ?

    Hi guys,   I recently sold my HR Desktop dac/amp, and i want to buy a new dac/amp for my new D7100.   I read a lot about Yulong D100 MKII, and seems like a great dac, but before i pull the trigger,   i just want make sure that the Yulong D100 MKII, is the best choice for the D7100 ...
  5. lXxCannibalxXl

    DAC under 500$

    Hi . I'm thinking about buying a new PC and i also have a new HP pavilion dv6 . And i have a JDSLabs C421 and a Sennheiser HD25-1 II and i may add some speakers and stuff to them (i might even buy another headphone for indoors) and i'm buying a new external sound card for both my laptop and...
  6. Laniidae

    ODAC+O2 vs Yulong D100mkII vs ASUS Xonar Essence One

    Hello. I'm new to this forum and whole world of audio devices, but recently I decided to purchase my first DAC+AMP combo. Right now I have in mind ODAC+O2 and Yulong D100mkII, I heard good things about both of them, but I don’t trust USB that much, so I’m a little bit hesitant to buy ODAC+O2...
  7. goforthepod

    DAC/AMP for K701.... newbie's indecision

    I got a pair of AKG K701, with furutech fp704 6.5mm jack already modded.  I am looking for a good amp that does it justice.   I have heard the Matrix M-stage works wonders with the K701, however in one of the other threads I read that if I can get a really powerful amp (1+W @ 62ohm) I can...
  8. Shini44

    Yulong D100 MKII (newest version) + Free DHL Express Shipping!!

    Reason for selling: Got the woo audio WA7 which is worth 1100$, wont be using this one at all.   Age of the rig: prefect! mint condition and less than three month and half old. Shipping and paypal's fee: DHL Express (90$) very fast!! , don't worry its free ^^ , yet paypal fee are there.  ...
  9. zting

    matrix m stsge headphone amp + dac vs yulong d100

    Hi guys just got a akg q701 and have been reading around. I can get the m stage combo for about 485 and yulong d100 for 440... Which one do you guys think I should get? I am just starting into this amp and dac. Thank you and much appreciatwd for the advise
  10. sstan

    Yulong d100 II vs GF Tube DAC-11 vs Audio-GD NFB 10.2 vs Schiit bifrost

    Hello everyone, please help to chose. I need DAC+amp\combine with asynchronous USB and cant make a decision between several DAC’s: New yulong d100 II combine, with USB, but  only 24\96  450$ http://shop.grantfidelity.com/Yulong-D100-MKII-ASRC-D-A-Converter.html  GF Tube DAС-11 also all in...
  11. jbeppo

    Denon AH-D7000 Near Mint Condition and Yulong D100 DAC - Also Woo Audio Headphone Stand

    I have up for sale my very lightly used Denon AH-D7000 headphones.  These were purchased by my in December 2011 and are in perfect working order and practically mint condition in appearance with the exception of one tiny nick as depicted in the pictures.  Other than that, no scratches of any...
  12. headlong

    headphone help

    hi all,   im aiming to spend around $400. i can be persuaded to spend a bit more, especially since i recently saw some higher end models closer to my price range.   my list has basically come down to:   sennheiser 650 hd, 600 hd, 598 hd, and pxc 450   akg 701, and k550  ...
  13. aphinity

    Better Values than the DacMagic Plus?

    Can anyone recommend better alternatives to the DacMagic Plus to drive headphones and monitors and be connected to a mac computer?  Something that might be a better value?  I'm willing to spend in the ball park of $500 - $600.   Options I've identified so far are:     Grant Fidelity...
  14. F

    USB DAC + AMP for < $1,000 with power to drive DT990 600 ohms?

    Hi. I'm interested in getting a USB DAC + AMP for under $1000 that has plenty of power for my DT990 600 ohms. If anyone has recommendations, I'd really appreciate it! Peter
  15. mrinspire

    REVIEW : Soundaware D100 Pro Deluxe Edition : The Ultimate Source

      Soundaware D100Pro Deluxe Edition (1400USD and depends on region) arrived in Earmass.com! There is some phenomenon happened in audiophile world throughout this few years. I listed out two here, first, the audiophile crowd seems to be younger than it was. I remembered when I started my...
  16. Archerious

    Bifrost Uber (no USB) less than a month old! First owner!

    Hello as the title says I want to sell my Bifrost Uber. I am the first owner, I purchased on August 27, 2013, and paid $428.88 with shipping for it. Free shipping to USA! I WILL SHIP ANYWHERE! I have several positive seller ratings. Also have a M^3 amp for sale/trade.   You get:   Bifrost...
  17. kenchar

    How much difference between a Yulong D100 vs an original Zero wirh 627 opamp (I think that is the number)

    Would the Yulong D100 be a good upgrade over the original Zero? Any advice and suggestions is appreciated. Thanks
  18. Yulong D100 MKII

    Yulong D100 MKII

    Balanced DAC with integrated headphone amp, update to the original D100