1. superliu

    IC: Yulong D100 ingreat condition /Yulong D18 wanted

    I'm thinking about selling my D100 which is in 8.5-9/10 cosmetic condition and almost perfect working condition except when you turn the volume nob while using its own amp, a tiny "electrostatic" sound may appear to your ear. No problem at all when using it as a dedicated dac or not turning the...
  2. ben_r_

    FS: Yulong D100 MKII (2012 Version) Amp & DAC Brand New

    Selling a brand new Yulong D100 MK II amp/DAC combo unit. Very well known here and extremely popular, this is the latest version with the updated USB chip. Im selling it because I actually bought it for the XLR balanced outputs that it has to feed my Yamaha HS80M monitors while intending to use...
  3. Nookt14

    Cambridge Audio Dacmagic Plus vs Yulong D100

    Does any one know how these two dac/amps compare? Both dacs are suppose to be excellent, but im also curious about the amp section.
  4. eyal1983

    700$ decision: Yulong D100 + JDS Labs C421 / OR / Centrance DACmini ? /or/ AGD NFB 5.2

    Right now, i'm using Fiio E17 as a DAC, and cMoy as its AMP. looking to upgrade ... don't care about portability. but still need compatibility with IEM's.   Heard that the D100 has a great DAC chip. question is, might it be better than the DAC on DACmini ? and will the AMP of the...
  5. djevoultion

    WTB: Yulong D100 or Audio gd NFB5.2

    Hey looking to purchase either the Yulong D100 or Audio gd NFB5.2   Please PM me price including shipping to Australia    Thanks
  6. tateburns

    Questions about the Yulong D100 MKII

    Greetings,   I'm interested in purchasing a Yulong D100 MKII, but have a few questions I'm wondering if someone can help answer.    1) Does it support ASIO or any other flavor of kernel streaming on it's USB input from a PC or MAC?   2) Does it support all bit rates up to 24/96? I...
  7. GuOD

    Yulong D100 Mk2 Question! USB vs Toslink

    Hi all,   Just got my Yulong D100 Mk2 from Tam Audio... they ship fast! :)   I read that it only does 96khz on USB or 192khz on toslink - does that mean I'm better off to use toslink between the two?   Thanks.
  8. kkl10

    Yulong D100 for sale (EU shipping incl)

    For sale is my mint Yulong D100 (first iteration).   One of the best Dac/amp combo under 500$. Lots of inputs and outputs to work with the majority of audio gear! Great combination of sound quality and versatility! My D100 has been a loyal companion since december 2010, working...
  9. inter voice

    Yulong D100 MKII DAC -------- "SOLD"

    Up for the sell is my brand new Yulong D100 MKII DAC which is just over a month old and has never been used.  The unit was tested for less than an hour to show it is fully functional.  This was a gift to me and I don't need a DAC in my hi-fi system.    I am selling the DAC at 279.00 GBP plus...
  10. Biscuitz

    NuForce Icon HD or the Yulong D100 MKII?

    I'm relatively new to amps and DACs. But I've done some research, and I can't seem to get a consensus on which unit is the better unit for my setup.   I listen to music exclusively on my computer. I'm just looking for a USB amp/DAC that is fairly compact, so I'd prefer a single unit. I've...
  11. Staal

    Volume way too high (foobar, wasapi, Yulong d100)

    Hey guys!   As I'm trying to get more into computer audio I'm quickly running into problems. I managed to feed my Yulong D100 dac/amp with 24/96 properly with Foobar --> WASAPI --> Yulong D100 (hooked up via coax).   I do have some issues with volume control though. I've got my "Realtek...
  12. pigmode

    Neko D100 MKII

    Neko D100 MKII - excellent cond. - BNC connection   $450 SOLD including Priority shipping in the U.S.   Canada shipping: subtract Priority U.S. cost           Input modified by Wes at Neko ( cap removed)        
  13. willmax

    FS/FT:Audinst HUD-MX1 or trade for Yulong D100 MKII

    Audinst HUD-MX1 with all accessories and packaging/original box.   Interested in trading for a Yulong D100 MKII plus money.   Please send me a PM with any questions or offers.   I'm located in Adelaide, Australia.   Thank you.
  14. idruke

    WANTED: Yulong D100

    Looking for fully operational unit. I am in CONUS. I look forward to responses.   Thanks
  15. Edi

    Yulong D100 (Version 1)

    Looking to sell this combo DAC/AMP, I've mostly used it as a DAC to go from my Logitech Touch to Denon receiver. But recently I haven't had much of a chance to use this combo so I've decide to sell it. This is the original one that came out a year or so ago. It's in excellent condition, I have...
  16. PedroH

    Any opinions / reviews on the new McIntosh D100?

    32-bit, 192kHz D/A converter + headphone amp + pre-amp.  
  17. quikgp

    Yulong D100

    I'm looking for a Yulong D100 DAC/AMP combo. I'm in Canada, so must be willing to ship here. Let me know what you have. Joel
  18. Monir

    Yulong D100 vs Audio-gd NFB-3 for HD650 and PRO900

    I've been considering this for a while now and can't seem to reach a conclusion. It's fairly difficult if the product is not near at hand to demo. The Cambridge DacMagic Plus is quite popular and even exists in my local hi-fi store from where I demoed it and found it to be overly bright, just a...
  19. ishmael

    Yulong D100 Mark II --- mint condition, very light use

    Very light use, 9/10 on the Agon scale. This is the newest version - mark II with the more reliable USB interface, the more effective Sound Mode 2 option, the upgraded system clock, and the more balanced overall presentation. No problems whatsoever. In original box with stock power cable.   ...
  20. DrSeven

    Nuforce Icon HDP vs Yulong D100 vs Cambridge Dacmagic Plus

    Nuforce Icon HDP vs Yulong D100 vs Cambridge Dacmagic Plus Which's the best for cans like the Sennheiser HD 700 or the Beyerdynamic T1? Thanks your help is very much appreciated!
  21. goremachine

    Yulong D100

    Selling my Yulong D100. Used for about 8 months. Works perfectly. Some small scratches on the aluminum top cover.   Price includes shipping to CONUS. Paypal either gift or +3%.
  22. billerb1

    Power cord upgrade and Yulong D100 MK2 dac/amp

    Just got the Yulong for Christmas to pair up with Denon 5000's and have been real pleased with the beefier and more detailed sound.  In trying to get the most out of it I've been reading up on power cord upgrades, which I've never done.  Couple questions: Is there a power cable that you would...
  23. willmax

    WTB: Yulong D100 MKII shipped to Adelaide, Australia

    If you have a Yulong D100 MKII that you want to sell, please let me know and we can negotiate the price. Note that item has to be shipped to Australia. Please send me a PM if you have one for sale and we can work out the details.   Thank you all.   Regards, Willmax
  24. ippudo

    Yulong D100 mkII - reduce gain???

    I recently got the E17/E09K FiiO DAC/AMP combo and I've been generally okay with it, it sure is a very smooth listen. However, after reading lots of praise for the Yulong D100 mkII, I was tempted to order that one too.    When A/B with the E17, the first thing I noticed was that the D100 is...
  25. shinex64

    New headphone amplifier from McIntosh Labs, the D100.

    Hi!!    I'm really curious about this new preamp from McIntosh Labs, it is built-in Headphone amp!!   It has a USB DAC 32bit/192kHz, and coaxial 24/192.   I want it!    Price: 2.500$             Specs from the web:     The D100 is a remote controlled...