1. mytton

    [SOLD]: Meze 99 Classics PRICE DROP ($200)

    The Meze 99 Classics in Walnut and Silver for $230 plus shipping (original price $309). Comes with the original case and all accompanying accessories: Hard EVA carrying pouch, Cable: 1.2m thread Kevlar OFC with Mic and remote, Cable: 3m thread OFC, Adapter: 6.3mm gold-plated jack, Airplane...
  2. Tweeters

    Sivga SV007 [SOLD]

    Selling these in excellent condition with box, let me know if you have any questions! $65 price includes shipping and PayPal fees. Here are pics. SOLD
  3. pihly

    ATH W5000 (polished, Mod)

    Hi, I’m selling this really special headphone. It is nicely polished, the earpad has changed it become more comfortable and more bass, and it also mod to 2x3.5 port. So you can easily switching any cable you want. It will come with the original carry box, The original cable mod to 2x3.5...
  4. DaNuS

    SOLD: U Shaped Wooden Headphone Stands

    Update: one stand left Up for sale are two U Shaped Wooden Headphone Stands I purchased from eBay for a second system that I never put together. Units are in like new condition and were opened to verify that everything arrived safely. They were then put back into the original shipping boxes...
  5. audionewbi

    Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

    Just when I thought I was making my mind on the Sony IER-Z1R, JVC announced the next family of the Wood family, which is my secret passion. Official Website: http://www.victor.jp/headphones/in-ear/ha-fw10000/ Source: https://twitter.com/FUJIYAAVIC/status/1052741115378577408 Other articles...
  6. Rish732

    SOLD: Shozy Zero IEM

    Superb IEMs with a wood shell with case and tips. Used for about 10 hours. NOW $25 shipped to the US including paypal fees. Thanks! Rish
  7. Mediahound

    [SOLD] AudioQuest Nighthawk Headphones In Box (wood finish)

    Audioquest Nighthawk headphones. In factory box case with one headphone cable, 1/4" adapter, instructions manual and cleaning cloths. Very good lightly used condition. Price includes Free USA shipping via FedEX Ground. Credit cards accepted with NO additional fee. I'll email you an invoice...
  8. legopart

    diy wooden headphones

    First of all I was skeptical if its possible to make something like headphones at home. So I resided to use the most cheap part with no professional measuring . The driver is 32ohm no named. The sound not quality as much but it has a good coloring from the wood with little bit echo. The headband...
  9. Wood Legit Series WLS-5 by Clear Tune Monitors

    Wood Legit Series WLS-5 by Clear Tune Monitors

    Our WLS-5 is a truly exquisite monitor. Equipped with 5 balanced armature drivers and a 5-way crossover, this highly sophisticated custom molded in-ear feels just as at home in the studio as it does on stage. Delivering a precise, rich sound that even the most demanding audiophiles crave, and...
  10. Wood Legit Series WLS-4 by Clear Tune Monitors

    Wood Legit Series WLS-4 by Clear Tune Monitors

    WLS-4 this powerful quad-driver in-ear monitor delivers detail and presence with strong lows and very smooth highs. A 4-way crossover achieves frequency response worthy of serving top-caliber musicians, producers, engineers and audiophiles. Custom molded and finished with our 100% wooden...
  11. Wood Legit Series WLS-3 by Clear Tune Monitors

    Wood Legit Series WLS-3 by Clear Tune Monitors

    The WLS-3 has 3 balanced armature drivers which means high, mid and low frequencies work independently. This, in combination with a 3-way crossover, makes separating those frequency ranges nice and easy, and ensures that each instrument is defined impeccably. These custom molded in-ears are...
  12. shyamwanne

    SOLD: Three nice headphone stands - Two Wood & One Aluminum

    Two custom wood headphone stands. They are a little over 9 1/2" tall and 4 1/2" deep. They hold headphones really well. I cut the base a bit on one of them to allow the cables to go down further. The aluminum stand is sold. SOLD Shipping is free on these.
  13. sergioalb64

    [SOLD] ZMF Atticus Camphor (2017) w/cable & case: $780.00, CONUS

    SOLD Up for sale are a 2017 set of ZMF Atticus (Camphor), originally ordered on 7/22/17 by someone here in Head-Fi, delivered to them in early September 2017, which I bought from them in January 2018. I used these for about 20 hours, but I received my ZMF order for the Ori and never...
  14. Tweeters

    FS: Bosshifi B8

  15. ostewart


    So last year I bought some Grado SR60e, not being able to leave them as stock I bought some Spalted Tamarind cups from a fellow headfier. They are Rholupat made cups and have beautiful wood grain. So I then installed SMC connectors in the cups, to allow for detachable cables, and got a Shipibo...
  16. Luxifer

    ZMF Eikon Cherry (Sale or Trade for Aeon Closed)

    ZMF Eikon: In cherry wood and great condition. No marks on the wood, very minimal wear on headband. The pelican carry case, stock cables in 1/4" and XLR, Eikon pads as well as Ori pads are all included. I am the original owner. See photos from a past reddit thread of mine below. I will take...
  17. songmic

    WTB: Klutz CanCans (stained wood)

    Hi, I'm looking for a stained wood version of Klutz CanCans headphone stand. Please let me know if you have one willing to sell it to me. Thanks in advance.
  18. dunkyboy

    ZMF Atticus in cherry

    These are the pinnacle of ZMF's tonally-rich, smooth, musical sound. Got this gorgeous ex-demo pair from Zach at ZMF just two weeks ago. They're in perfect, like-new condition and sounds great. Only selling because I find the Eikon more to my tastes. Comes with standard ZMF cable with 1/4"...
  19. AlterAnthony

    [SOLD] ZMF Ori (Omni) Black Limba

    I'm looking to sell my ZMF Headphones Ori in Black Limba wood. Bought in March 2016 directly from Zach, the headphones have been taken very good care of and are in excellent condition. I will include the following: ZMF Ori in Black Limba with Pilot Pad 5.5 ft 1/4" stock ZMF cable Three pairs...
  20. Ohaple

    KSC75 Over the Ear Project

    The project was initially inspired when I ran across the StratoKOSSter thread by accident while troubleshooting a problem with my Sony MDR V6. I read the thread and was pretty encouraged by the results claimed. Since I am somewhat handy I thought I would come up with my own design. Here is a...
  21. thatwunguy

    For Sale or trade for high end bluetooth in-ears: Denon AH-MM400 New with extra cables

    I'm selling / hoping to trade a brand new, open box set of Denon "Music Mania" AH-MM400. They come with two extra cables. I'm also willing to trade for a pair of great bluetooth in-ears, preferably the newest Jabra Elite Sport, Erato Apollo 7, Beoplay E8, etc. These were a warranty replacement...