1. Aune S6 PRO DAC / Balanced Headphone AMP

    Aune S6 PRO DAC / Balanced Headphone AMP

    dual amps can drive almost any headphones. 32bit 768k / 512 dsd all you need with excellent dynamics usb / coaxial, aes, optical inputs variable line out, so the Aune S6 Pro is suitable as a preamplifier !! AKM 4497 chipset 2 channel on amps. usb supports 32 / 768K DSD512 coaxial suppert 32...
  2. Cryus Soundkey

    Cryus Soundkey

    SOUNDKEY DESIGN PHILOSOPHY You think the sound is ok when you plug your expensive headphones into your phone? Wait until you hear this! To explain a bit more scientifically, music is stored on your phone in various types of digital files. The DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter) in most...
  3. K

    Soundstage wide and deep

    I am a complete newb at this - wanted to get that out of the way in my first post. The reason I'm here is because I tested some Sennheisers HD6-something headphones at Frankfurt airport and was completely BLOWN AWAY by what you guys refer to as "soundstage." I can't remember the exact model...
  4. Zenrap518

    Neutral, wide, detailed open headphone ~$600

    I am planning to eventually get a pair of open backed headphones to compliment my Meze 99 Classics. I'm looking for something more detailed, airy, and wide, with a neutral sound signature. I was looking at the Beyerdynamic DT - 1990 Pro and he HiFiMan Sundara, but I could use some help on...
  5. Zenrap518

    Would the Sennheiser HD6XX's compliment the PSB M4U1's well?

    I am looking for an open back to compliment my PSB M4U 1's that are a tad bassier and warmer, more open, yet still engaging enough for electronic music without extremely rolled off highs. I thought of the HD6XX (I have a Schiit Stack 2 Non-Uber), but i'm not quite sure because it apparently has...