1. Aurality

    Shure 535, Westone W40, what else?

    Hi everyone!    New here, and relatively new to the world of higher-end audio equipment.    Here's my story thus far:  Started with the Logitech TripleFi's when they were like $90 during the Amazon Black Friday sales. Used them for about 3 years until I lost the left bud during a long...
  2. Schokolade bar

    New westone W-Series W10-W40

    Hey all, I didn't see a thread on these but I was on a website and found some info on the new westone high performance series. http://www.audioholics.com/headphone-reviews/westone-w-series
  3. Mors

    Upgrade from Senn IE8 - W40 or SM64?

    Hi, been quite a while since I've posted on these forums, I usually pop in when I want some new kit :s   I've had my IE8's for about 3yrs now, and have loved them, but they don't know seem as good as they used to, and the seal for me is getting worse and worse (I use foamies, I've used them in...
  4. delamol

    Best IEM for Hip-Hop/Rap and Instrumentals, Shure se535 or Westone w40.

    Listen to rap and instrumentals by artists like Jamie xx/JDilla and was wondering what is the better IEM for this type of music. Also I have a pair of Bower and Wilkins p7 headphones and the c5 earphones, how do these compare to the IEMs I mentioned? (Westone w40 or shure se535. Thanks a lot guys! 
  5. lazypanda

    Questions about my earphones

    Hi, I plugged in my W40 westones into my computer and while using my computer, a sudden high pitched squeak sound was blasted into my earphones. Would this affect my earphones in any way? Because I'm a little worried about it. Please help thanks (:
  6. sdenwolf17

    Replacemnet for Westone W40

    Ive had the westone w40 for about 6 months and loved them, but recently the connecter part of the left ear piece came out and the earpiece was rendered useless. I called Westone and they said it was unfixable, so i guess its time to look for a replacement. My best option would be to find a way...
  7. incursore61

    Tank' Westone !

    I do not know if this is the right section, I kindly ask the moderators if necessary to move the discussion, but I feel obliged to thank Cody, the Westone, for giving me my W40 replaced with a cable that is not peeling, were furi warranty, I the I had bought from a forumer in europe because in...
  8. jinx20001

    Westone w40 short review, includes pictures.

      Ok, first of all folks, I'm not going to compare these headphones to anything else. It's a standalone review on the merits and shortfalls of the Westone W40 in-ear monitors. I'm hoping to highlight who these monitors are made for, and who will likely take maximum enjoyment from them. All...
  9. nananan

    WESTONE Um pro50 vs W40

    I'd like to ask  Between these two, which one gives a better vocal sound? W40 seems to focus more on vocal, while Um pro50 seems to focus more on drums...guitar... However, as the price of pro50 is set to be around $130 more than W40 in my country. So I guess, it might have equal level for...
  10. Sargatanas

    schiit asgard 2 vs tubemagic A1

    i know this has been asked a million times but im stuck. this will be first real desktop headphone amp. i like the ability with the A1 to power computer and high efficient speakers. my only experience with tubes are high gain metal amps lol. i know the tube is for the preamp not for headhone...
  11. cyanescens

    Brief review of SE846, W40, W50, SE535, SE535J, IE800, CKM1000, x11i

    Hello,   I am new to the forum, I am not a musician nor a sound engineer, nor do I write blogs. So I won't write anything that covers every aspect but just point out things that interested me, hoping that it could be some value to potential shoppers.   I own: Westone W40 Sennheiser...
  12. Spyro

    Westone W40 (yes, its a bit different)

    As much as someone may want to doubt or have disbelief or be frustrated that they just bought the W4R, or that Westone has NOT "publicly" talked about sound changes......the W40 DOES sound undeniably different than W4R.  Almost enough, to me, that I would almost consider it would have been worth...
  13. inmotionfx

    Westone W40 using MFI cable compatible with Asus Rog Xonar Phoebus control box ( External headphone jack)?

    Hi    Can anyone please provide some clarity as to why when I plug in my westone w40 iem's using the included mfi cable (3 button apple control system + mic) into the asus phoebus external control box  I get get muffled weak sound. Pretty sure its the mfi cable compatability??    Thanks
  14. Champagne

    Choose Westone W40 or W4R or UM PRO 30 or UM3XRC

    Hi, my Westone UM1 was spoilt and I'm given the replacement upgrade option. Which of these IEMs should I choose?   I had listened to W40 and the only things I dislike are the vocals are a little veiled, has sounds placed a little further than I like though not a big issue and its annoyingly...
  15. kleefurd

    Upgrading from a Sennheiser HD25-1

    Hi everyone, I have been lurking here for a long time, and finally decided to participate in discussions as I have been having trouble trying to do my own research online. Before I start writing a long long post, I would like to summarise what I am looking at, and seek your opinion. It can be...
  16. gepardcv

    Shure SE535 or Westone W40 (or something else)?

    I had the Etymotic ER4S several years ago, and found them excellent in sound quality, but too uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. I've recently been working in noisy environments, so I would now like to re-explore the world of IEMs. Ideally, I'd like something that can...
  17. Westone W40 Quad Driver Universal-fit In-ear Headphones

    Westone W40 Quad Driver Universal-fit In-ear Headphones

    W40 Quad Driver Universal-fit In-ear Headphones Hear your music like never before with the Westone Quad-Driver W40. Featuring four balanced armature drivers and a three-way crossover network, the W40 brings you breathtaking realism and crystal clarity while maintaining superior comfort with...