1. bogdan belonozhko

    Fir Audio VxV DROP

    Eyes here for the VxV deal to top all VxV deals: All the versatility and musicality of a streamlined M5 for US$799 (UP US$999), less than half of the M5's price. The VxV promises pressure equalization and a specialized tubeless sound chamber on top of five Drivers: One dynamic driver and Four...
  2. FiR Audio VxV

    FiR Audio VxV

    FIR VxV Specification 1x Dynamic Driver 2x Mid-driver Balanced Armature 1x High-driver Balanced Armature 1x Ultra-high Driver Balanced Armature MMCX connectors 2.5mm TRRS balanced connector Chassis: Hybrid 6000 aluminum and DuPont ® engineering plastic.