1. Markery

    Are Soundmagic PL21's from legitimate?   That's pretty much the only vendor for the PL21's, but I've heard mixed thoughts on Focalprice so I wanted to make sure that...
  2. noingwhat

    Any recommendations for mid-range/budget IEMs?

      I bought myself a pair of ViSang R01 almost a year ago (which I wouldn’t have found and bought if it weren’t for the head-fi community’s opinions and joker’s reviews so I want to say thanks to everyone!) and I couldn’t have been happier, granted I was coming from using cheapie $10 pair of...
  3. TranceFan

    Low-end IEMs under $30 for Electronica and Trance music!

      Hello! I came to this site some time back for assistance in finding a set of closed cans, and I’m still grateful for the plethora of good advice given to me. I’m hoping I can, once again, rely on you trusty Head-Fi’ers to give me some words of wisdom on some IEM’s I’m looking for!  ...
  4. noingwhat

    Visang R01 sounding very tinny

    I got my R01s for christmas this year and I have not been so impressed with the build quality. In just over a month one of the earbuds popped out where the Y cable splits and so I patched that up with a bit of solder and had nothing but trouble (headphones wire are so tiny) after that. Sometimes...
  5. quane

    IEM suggestions (low budget)

    So, I'm in a need of a new pair of IEM's since my current UE 220's cable is becoming really bad (so you have to hold it in a certain position for the sound to work properly). I cannot describe how much I loved the sound signature, bass etc of these in-ears. It was just perfect but while I need a...
  6. noingwhat

    Opinions on IEMs I am considering purchasing

    I am looking for some new IEMs for Christmas, and I have been doing a bit of research and I am down to about 8. I just want to get an idea of what you guys think of some of these earbuds? I mostly listen to rock and pop (more rock) and I also use my earbuds for gaming, youtube, tv, etc...
  7. DevlicK

    Visang R02/R03

    I've been reading this thread ( [Thanks ljokerl for all the info]   And I am kinda interested in the Visang R02 or R03. Having searched on Ebay...
  8. Soodey

    Best In-Ears for ~$30?

    So I've dabbled in high end in-ears before, I currently have a set of the UE 10 pros that I picked up during that Amazon sale last year. My sister came to me asking what's a good In-ear to replace the stock buds on her ipod. I guess all my belittling finally got to her . As the title...
  9. -Morris-

    Upgrade from meelec m6

    Hi,  I'm looking at getting a new pair of iem's soon which will be upgrade from my current M6's. I've been reading up on the hippo vb, which should be good for half my music taste (hip hop, electronic) but what i want to know is would the bass be precise enough on the vb's for Metal ( bands...
  10. ljokerl

    Review: ViSang R01 - $30 Hi-Fi

    Intro Filling out the bottom end of ViSang’s in-ear line, the R01 was designed to be a cheaper alternative to the R02 by sacrificing the twisted alloy cable and some of the accessories for a lower price tag. Packaging & Accessories Included Accessories: -3 sets (S/M/L)...
  11. Visang ro1

    Visang ro1

    In ear monitor headphones.