1. jam3s121

    Can anyone identify these cans?

      i believe they are urbanears zinken.. just wondering though
  2. Spodo101

    Help choosing Urbanears Zinken versus Philips The Stretch

    Both are sold for around 60 € on amazon. The Stretch is more rugged, but the Zinken is foldable and has this cool music sharing feature. You can show me alternatives, even IEMs, as long as the cable is switchable. (I'm a Klutz)     Thank you very much.   EDIT: Sorry, wrong Thread-Sector...
  3. Wasd9595

    Recommend me a set of headphones

    Hi there Im looking for some new on/over-ear headphones. Im looking for those with the best sound quality for the money. I tried Bose QuietComfort 15 which sounds amazing.. But they are also pretty expensive. Therefore I'm looking for something with the sound quality of the Bose without the...
  4. MadlyB

    Creative Aurvana, Urbanears, Bose Oh my!

    I've been looking to buy some headphones and have been doing some extensive research on some products I'm interested in. I am by no means an audiophile, but would like some good headphones, with good sound, good comfort (especially since I wear glasses), durable, that won't break the bank.  ...
  5. dotfred

    AKG K 450, what's next?

    Hey I had AKG K 450 and I thing it's really good headphones, but I'm going to buy a new one. Can you help me with choosing new headphones for listening rock music? I looked up for Marshall Major (I love that style), Skullcandy Aviator and Urbanears Zinken (someone told me it sounds very...
  6. zacheus

    Apple devices, moderate impedance (80ohm) headphones, a striving audiophile, and a boy.

    I'm looking to make a rig for 2 purposes   1.  for use with my 300 watt stereo system's output after being input through my mbpro.  (this stereo system is 13yrs old; nothing special)   2. for use with my iphone 4s/ipods   I have Urbanears Zinken headphones that are new.   I am looking to...
  7. hawth33

    Best headphones under $80 that come in white

    I am looking to purchase some cans for my fiancee as we are about to have multiple flights, each several hours long. She really likes the look of white headphones. Her genres consist of pop, country, rock, and some hip-hop. Closed headphones would be the best, with a decent amount of bass. Over...
  8. Erasius

    Stylish headphones for on the go, Suggestions ?

    Hello, I'm currently looking for some headphones for every day use and on the go.   I'll use the headphones mostly for my iPod while travellig by train/bus and while I'm working on my laptop. So a small/normal size cable and small/normal size on or over ear cups without sound leakage would...
  9. Urbanears Zinken DJ Model Headphones, Black

    Urbanears Zinken DJ Model Headphones, Black

    The Urbanears Zinken is a noise-isolating head-phone (Black) designed with performance and durability. The new TurnCable feature allows you to swap between a 3.5 mm and 6.3 mm plug. It also contains the Zoundplug feature, which allows instant music sharing-and comes equipped with a microphone...