um mest mkii
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    Help Comparing UM Mest OG VS MK and IER Z1R

    Hi, I just recently got a UM Mest OG and I’m liking it a lot so far. I enjoy the bass but i also feel like it could slam a bit more. I’m wondering if the MK2 has better bass then the original? On the other hand since bass slam is mainly what I’m looking for if I should just go after an IER Z1R...
  2. UM MEST Indigo--2021 Thanksgiving Exclusive Model

    UM MEST Indigo--2021 Thanksgiving Exclusive Model

    Major upgrades: 2 more EST drivers for the smoothest treble in the line-up. The driver configuration now is: 4EST+1DD+4BA+dBC-s BC system Upgraded M3 Copper custom cable manufactured by PW Audio Newest materials--Aircraft-grade Indigo Carbon Fiber + Fruit Wood Faceplates Replaceable Filter...
  3. Unique Melody MEST MKII

    Unique Melody MEST MKII

    Product: MEST MKII Driver Types: Dynamic + Balanced Armature + Electrostatics (EST) + dBC-S Dual Sides Bone Conduction System, 4-way quadbrid. Driver Counts: 7+1 Sensitivity: @1KHz 112dB Frequency Response: 20Hz-70kHz Cable Sockets: 2-pin Flat Shells: One Piece Carbon Fiber + Gold Foil...