1. Astrotec Phoenix 6

    Astrotec Phoenix 6

    Phoenix 6 is our first-ever flagship tribrid IEMs made with elegant, titanium alloy shell, housing four Sonion electrostatic super tweeters, one balanced armature driver, and one customized dynamic driver. Key features: 1: Unique design, made of titanium alloy. 2: Utilizing 4 miniature...
  2. Wasaabi

    Kinera URD Review - The best looking IEM I've ever seen

    Kinera URD is probably the most beautiful iems I've ever seen The meaning of URD: URD is a word related to Norse mythology. URD is one of the Norn who are in charge of fate in Norse mythology, and is also known as the Dís of Death. She is the guardian of the well of fate under the Yggdrasil...
  3. BQEYZ Summer

    BQEYZ Summer

    BQEYZ Summer is the latest triple hybrid driver pair of in-ear monitors featuring ultra-light Resin ear cavities, a 13mm powerful DD unit, a second-generation BA unit, and a 5-layer piezoelectric unit. Features: - Powerful tribrid driver configuration. - Large 13mm PU+LCP diaphragm dynamic...
  4. LZ A7

    LZ A7

    LZ A7 4BA + 2 Piezoelectric ceramic + Dynamic 7 Drivers Hybrid HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphones Description The sound effect can be changed by the dial switch between two modes, i.e. POPmode and MONITOR mode. Each pair (with a different color) of provided interchangeable earphone nozzlesgives...
  5. Empire Ears ODIN

    Empire Ears ODIN