1. jonno41

    Headphone upgrade

    I am using a pair of LCD-3`s,pre fazor,with an Auralic Taurus MKII headphone amp and am considering upgrading to one of the following options. Stax Omega 009`s and either Stax SRM007tII or Stax SRM727II amp or do I stick with my Taurus and go for the Abyss headphones. Anyone had any...
  2. ForShure

    Never Meet Your Heroes

    I don't know how to really start this post but this has been on my mind for a while. So a few weeks back I attended my first official Head-Fi meet. For days I was excited about getting to listen to many of the headphones I had dreamed about one day owning coming from rigs that cost as much as my...
  3. crazy bill the eel killer

    Stax SR007tII amp needs new tubes

    Hello everyone, The title is self explanatory.  I know I need to trim the DC offset after changing the tubes, haven't got a clue if its self-biasing or if I need to adjust. I don't want to send it back, as I'm capable of getting it done w/ the proper instructions. I tried doing a forum search...
  4. Vitor Teixeira

    STAX SR-009 plus SRM-007TII drive unit

    For sale STAX SR-009 plus SRM-007TII drive unit. -230V I don't split the package. Like new condition, four months old. Payment preferably by bank transfer or PayPal with no fees attached. Thanks for looking.
  5. rubenpp

    STAX SRM-007Tii (100V) w/ stepdown transformer for 117v use. (SOLD)

    I have more than enough stat amps for my needs and have to let this one go. It is in excellent working condition although there is a light thin scratch on the left side about 2-3 inches long barely seen in normal light  and another  on the right  side which is shorter but slightly more evident...
  6. robeeert1

    Stax SRM-007tII headphone amp.

    Like new condition, no scratches, dents, etc. Replaced original tubes Electroharmonix 6FQ7 with the best Raytheons 6CG7 BP. I would prefer selling this inside EU.
  7. romaz

    LCD-3 with Balancing Act or Darkstar vs Stax 009 with Stax SRM-007tii

    Hi, new to Head-fi. Awesome site. I've owned a pair of HE-500s on a Peachtree Nova for a while and I've decided to upgrade. I auditioned a set of Stax 009s on Stax SRM-007tii amp courtesy of Tats at Yama Enterprises recently (approx $7,500 for the combo) and was impressed with this pairing after...
  8. gstjohn

    FS: STAX SRM-007tII Tube Electrostatic Amplifier in black with extra tubes

    I'm selling my beloved 007tII. It's in like new condition, working perfectly with any current STAX earspeakers. US voltage version (117v) with GE tube inside. I will also include a set of NOS RCA clear-top tubes.   Asking for $OLD shipped, but feel free to PM me with a reasonable offer or...

    STAX SRM-007tII amp :Tube Rolling / Bias Adjustment

    I just picked up a used STAX SRM-007tII amp from GSTJOHN and I wanted to try out different tubes I had here including some RCA Clear Tops and some NOS Raytheons.  How do you set the bias for the amp and what are the appropriate readings for each tube?  I've found the adjustment pot but am not...
  10. RaYSaMueLsSoN


    Here for sale is my Stax SR-007 MKII headphones. They are in perfect like new condition. I have them up for sale for $1,600 USD on their own. I also have the original Stax SRM-007 tII amplifier for them which is also in perfect condition. The only flaw on it is on the metal name plate on the...
  11. arturo71

    Stax SRM-007tII [EU]

    I am putting on sale my Stax SRM-007tII unit. The condition of the unit is fine, it has neither scratches nor marks and it operates flawless. It comes with the original packing and instructions but no invoice.   I am the second owner. I bought it in January 2011 from another fellow Head-fier...
  12. adidino

    Stax 007 MK2 Mint Condition

    Selling my pair of Stax 007 MK2. Serial Number SZ3-xxxx. Black, US version.   Headphones have approximately 2 years old and have about 200 hrs of total usage, mint condition. Asking price includes insured shipping anywhere in the USA.    Headphones include travel case and original...
  13. The Monkey

    Stax SRM-007TII

    Successor to TI