1. The Actual

    SACD Player

    I finally have enough money for an SACD player, but have no idea where to start looking. My preferred budget is three hundred dollars, but could that if popular (head-fi) opinion recommends it. All that I need is for the player to be SACD compatible, and have standard features like a...
  2. calipilot227

    Sony SCD-CE595, Y U No Play SACD Layer???

    The title says it all. I picked up a Sony SCD-CE595, and it won't play SACDs. It will play the Redbook layer just fine, but when I try to switch it, it gives the "Not Hybrid" message. I've tried at least five different SACDs with no luck. What code in the service menu calibrates the laser? I...
  3. Sentient

    Suggestions for an amp that will work with my new Sony SCD-CE595

    I just ordered the CD595 on Amazon to get a working cd player/sacd player. It only cost $80 so I figure I couldn't go to wrong.   Problem is the only other sound equipment I have right now is my new FA-002w.   If I'm correct in my logical guesswork (and maybe some research) I need an amp...
  4. khbaur330162

    Looking For: Sony SCD-CE595

    Hey, I figured I'd ask in here to see if anyone's got one gathering dust in a rack somewhere before pulling the trigger on one off eBay.    Would really appreciate you testing it on some burned CD's, SACD's and maybe a dual layer hybrid if you've got one to make sure there aren't any issues...
  5. af0h

    Sony SCD-CE595 now plays SACD's, not just CD's

    About a week ago I purchased a used Sony SCD-CE595 off Craigslist for a very good price.  I've been playing CD's on it the past week, and the first of my two SACD's arrived today = Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon.   When inserted in the player, it only read the CD layer and when the sacd/cd...
  6. DaniLp

    Entry level CD player

    I need a recomendtion for an entry level cd player, by entry i mean 80-100$
  7. headbob

    Looking to buy a new CD player

    Hey,   Currently, my setup is a Sony CDP-800, Marantz 2230B, and then my phones are hd 555s.  I've been enjoying this for a while, but now I feel the need to upgrade.  So I've decided to revamp my sysem from the bottom up.   I'm looking for a CD player that is reasonably affordable, has...
  8. Sony SCD-CE595 5-Disc CD/Super Audio CD Player

    Sony SCD-CE595 5-Disc CD/Super Audio CD Player

    Enhance your music experience with the SCD-CE595 CD player. Featuring multi-channel super audio CD, this player offers a superb sound experience. Additional features include CD/CD-R/CD-RW playback1 capability, multi-channel management system and multi-channel direct stream digital decoder. Use...