1. Meltdownblitz

    Upgrade from Sony MDREX38IP?

    I haven't owned many headphones, I'm currently using the Sony MDREX38IP that I purchased from best buy a little more then a year ago and one of the earbuds finally gave out. I actually really enjoyed this pair of headphones, used them at the gym and gave them a little bit of a beating and they...
  2. mystvearn

    Need reccomendation/short list of IEM's with wired controller/mic use with sgs2 <£70

    Most great earphones do not have controls. The choices are quite limited. Things which I have found so far (not short list) - Sony MDREX38I - NOCS NS400 (not sure if it does work with the sgs2). Works with apple products. No mic, has 3 button remote - Soundmagic E10 - Altec Lansing...
  3. alieldeeb

    Sennheiser MM30i vs. sony MDREX38IPB

    hi, i've been searching about these two headphones for some time now and am wondering with one would be better.   also i was wondering which one would be better for my HTC legend.   thanks
  4. Meltdownblitz

    Need Help with choosing headphones.

    Let me first mention I am not very knowledgeable on headphones, I'm looking for good quality In-ear headphones that sound amazing! I am willing to spend $100 at the most, but I do want superior quality and sound at this price range IMO.   I'm coming from the Sony MDREX38IP which lasted me a...
  5. thesestories

    Best $30-40 earbuds for an iPhone?

    Hi guys, quick question -- what would you recommend as the best $30-40 earbuds for an iPhone? My Sony MDREX38iPs have started fritzing, and I'm considering getting an identical replacement pair -- unless you know of any better? The Amazon reviews are kind of average, but I've always been pretty...
  6. Red33m

    Any thoughts on Sony MDR-EX38iP ??

    I have heard the best words for these..but I want the opinion of some bone deep audiophiles so I came here! Are these as good as they say? Even better than the Radius Atomic Bass? Thanks!
  7. Sony MDREX38iP/WHI EX Earbud with iPod Remote Control (White)

    Sony MDREX38iP/WHI EX Earbud with iPod Remote Control (White)

    For iPod users Sony MDR-EX38iP earbuds offer an ideal mix of audio quality and iPodcontrol with an in-line remote control and easy-to-use design