1. LeafyVegetable

    For anime, Grado 80i vs Sony insertmodelhere

    Hi, I need a good headphone exclusively for anime around the $80-145 range. Currently, unless I can find a better offering from Sony, I intend to get the Grado SR-80i. It needs to play vocals really well, with decent mids. I'm not so big about bass, but I do listen almost exclusively to...
  2. ssrock64

    So What'd Everyone Get/Give For Christmas This Year.....?

    Time to open up the unofficial thread for the year:   I got a pair of MDs (with the Dog Pads) from a collective group of friends that seems to finally understand me, as well as one of the two final Sigur Ros albums that I'm missing from my collection.   I gave a Grado and an SOL Republic...
  3. sofakingwetatdi

    Galaxy SIII, Sony MDR-XB600IP, and Fiio E11 amidoinitrite?

    I have been searching the forums for hours to try and find a solution for my needs. My needs are rather simple, I want over the ear headphones for a bass-head and an inline Mic to use with my S III. After reading tons of posts berating Beats headphones and the overwhelming support for the Sony...
  4. Sony MDR-XB600/B Black | EXTRA BASS Headphones (Japanese Import)

    Sony MDR-XB600/B Black | EXTRA BASS Headphones (Japanese Import)

    A genuine product of Sony Japan. In a Japanese retail package.