1. Ardian

    Bassy Etymotic HF2

    Hello everyone! :) I need help. I habe the Ety Hf2 and is my best IEM, I love the derails and precision!! But I need somethin to complete these IEM, with more bass and sub-bass (lacking in Ety), but with the same details or quality? What can you reccomend me? Maybe Sony EX450, Pioneer Dje 1500...
  2. bangdomarkin

    New Sony EX450 and EX650.

    someone has tested them? Have information about it? I've been looking for the Head-Fi forums and can not find any information. Were the EX310 and EX510 substitutes?
  3. Sony In-Ear Monitor Headphones MDR-EX450-G

    Sony In-Ear Monitor Headphones MDR-EX450-G

    Experience comfort and audio clarity with EX450. Combining design and technology in a compact size, it also delivers powerful and rich sound ensuring your music is full and satifying.---- Specially designed 12mm driver unit ---- Neodymium magnet for powerful sound delivery ----...