1. PittViper

    Amp for Cowon X7

    I am planning on getting a x3 soon but am doing my homework first. The headphones I currently have and will be using are: Shure se530 iem, Grado SR 80 , Son:)hy MDR-V6 and Loss Portapros. This is my current list. In the future there will be others. I think I have chosen a quality source. Given...
  2. chnsawBrutality

    Need a new DAP, details inside

    So, I've narrowed it down to the 8GB Fuze, Cowon J3, or a 16GB Sony Walkman.   Here are the main priorities I want in the player + Long battery life + High sound quality- will be used with whatever highest format I can rip my CDs into, but not FLAC, unless I can tell the difference, so...
  3. ads1107

    Sony nwz-a729 v s639 v e445 v s545

    hi all just looking for some quick suggestions... main use will be in my cars head unit, via an AUX input/output. Also for my travelling to work via trains. Battery life is important. the a729 and s545 seem to have the best (rated) battery out of the bunch, though s545 has 10 more hours. not...
  4. Leonard

    SONY 16GB NWZ-X1050 now £139.99 incl. delivery from Argos via eBay

  5. tuanaiai

    X1051 cant view Art cover, Artist,genre..when player music with type *.WAV

    I have is sony walkman series X1051, when me play music with type mp3 320kbps, i can view art cover, read all music information following: Album, Artist,Genre, Release year...ect "Attention: At present i using software Tag&Rename 3.5.6" . I love it, however i want trying play music type *.WAV, i...
  6. Sony 16GB S Series Walkman Video MP3 Player (NWZ-S639FBLK)

    Sony 16GB S Series Walkman Video MP3 Player (NWZ-S639FBLK)

    Premium Walkman NWZ-S639F mp3/mp4 player with 2" LCD screen. With superior sound quality, SensMe automatic playlist generator, FM radio and 40 hours battery life. This premium video mp3 player is the perfect blend of style and function.Ultra light and super slim, get amazing audio and video...