smsl sh-9
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    Which headphone stack is better: SMSL SH-9/SU-9 stack or Topping A30 Pro/D30 Pro stack?

    I spent a bunch of time figuring out which stack I wanted for DAC and HP amp. Now the Topping A/D 30 Pro is coming out soon and the numbers provided suggest it should be very good. What I find very ironic is that the Topping D30 Pro/A30 Pro stack is within $9 US of the SMSL SH/SU-9 stack ($759...
  2. SMSL SH-9

    SMSL SH-9

    The THX AAA-888 Offers Extreme Clarity The THX AAA lineup of amps are known for their power and clarity. Unlike many amplifiers, THX AAA amps use a feed-forward error correction topology that removes common distortion issues. To put it simply, the amp measures errors in an early part of the...
  3. shenzhenaudio

    A PREVIEW of S.M.S.L SH-9 THXAAA-888 headphone amplifier

    Since S.M.S.L SU-9 had been listed, many users turn to look forward to the SH-9. Let's have a short talk about SH-9 and take the first impression here! It is a powerful desktop headphone amplifier, What should be mentioned is that it's priced at US$289.99, the released date is not determined...