1. MorrisL

    WE WANT MUD! Dark headphones appreciation thread

    Hell with "sparkle" and "sizzle!" Screw the Beyer mountain peak! Screw all the shouty upper mids and all the shrill highs! And shove that "air" up where the moon don't shine! We appreciate warm, dark, smooth sound signatures that we can relax to and enjoy our music without our ears bleeding...
  2. S

    Which DAC?

    Hello! I am wondering which DAC to buy. Between the Fiio E10K, Audioquest dragonfly black and Fiio Q1ii which one is the best overall? Also which one is the best for smooth vocals because I currently have a problem that the vocals are a bit harsh on some songs.(fixable by EQ by lowering the...
  3. S

    2018 - Warm & smooth IEMs advice - 400-500$ range

    Hello fellow Headfiers ! Not really new around here but I forgot the creds of my old account :-) I am looking for advice regarding a new pair of IEMs and because tech tends to evolve quite fast, and new brands pop around all the time, I couldn't really find convincing information about what I...
  4. Stfr1908

    Bass heavy in ears €150-300

    Hello there, I am looking for a new set of bass heavy in ears. At the moment I have the Alpha & Delta AD 01. I am satisfied about this set but its time for an upgrade. The genres of music that I listen the most: House, Trance, Hardstyle, Hiphop/R&B some preferences: * warm, smooth sound(very...
  5. Zenrap518

    Warm-ish Amp and DAC Recommendations

    I have the PSB M4U 1 and while i think they sound great, i hear a bit of sibilance and sound break-up at louder volumes. This is a bit annoying, so i am wanting a warm and smooth solid state amp and dac to solve this. I have a budget of $200 USD, or $300 CAD (So no NFB-11.28). Also, it should be...