1. nugget2013

    V moda Crossfade M100 or Mad Dogs?

    i want a new headphone that i will keep for a long time, i like bass (my previous headphone was a sennheiser momentum over ear, got bored of it) i heard good things about the v moda, and since it's a basshead headphone it will make me happy! but after being shown the mrspeakers mad dog+alpha dog...
  2. TheHeadphoneKid

    Need help deciding what to buy

    Ok, I'm a kid, I love headphones. I currently own a pair of custom spray painted Skullcandy Hesh 2.0's. I am getting an upgrade soon. My budget to spend is probably about $135. I am planning to buy through eBay or Amazon, to get a better price. I care about sound quality, (I have perfect pitch...
  3. Mantalic

    headphones for under 50 pounds?

    Hello, I am looking for headphones under 50 pounds as I live in england. I mostly listen to hip hop and dub step with some rnb. I want headphones with good pounding bass and crisp sound so the bass not overpowering mids and highs. So far I've found 2 types of headphones. Skullcandy Hesh 2.0...
  4. Itskewl42

    Headphone reccomendation

    Im going into high school and i want some new headphones. The main concerns are price sound and look. The sound has to have decent base and clear high lows and mids. I listen to rap but bass isnt that important to me. The price should be $100-150 and they should be portable and look decent. I...
  5. Heitek

    Good step-up from the Hesh 2's?

    I know I already have a thread about getting new headphones, but I wanted to start a specific one next to the other one. Keep the other one alive also, as well as this one :)   So, I currently have the SkullCandy Hesh 2's. I got intrigued with SkullCandy by my friend, who has the Mix...
  6. banjobiotic

    Best headphones for me

    I want to buy a new pair of headphones.   I will be listening primarily to rock music and acoustic Americana music.   I will be listening primarily on my iphone 4S and laptop. Sometimes a turntable.   I would prefer if the cable had a built in mic for handling calls, but not a...
  7. joeywreck

    I just bought Audio Technica ATH-M50s.. I have questions.

    Hello, I just got myself a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50. I wouldn't consider myself an audiophile. I don't like hobbies, I've watched all the episodes of Star Trek and Dragon Ball Z/GT (several times in that case) and I never considered myself a fanboy of anything. I'm a hard worker but I...
  8. HyenaPrime

    Skullcrushers, Hesh, or Phillips "The Snug"

    I have a $85 gift card to radio shack and this is all they have. I listen to Electronic Dance Music and Rap. Thanks :)
  9. Girevik

    Recomendations on Skullcandy earphones

    I had to return some Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket headphones under warranty, so now I've got $70 to spend at their web site and I'm trying to decide what to get. I went through probably 4 or 5 pairs of the FMJ, so I'm worried about durability, but I don't want to spend much more than the credit...
  10. jakersy

    British Metalhead looking for an alternative to Beats.

    I'm looking for a pair o' cans that follow the same rules as beats, I want them sturdy, portable, attractive and while I don't want them to sound like garbage, I don't demand audiophile quality. Budget is around 50 USD. or 40 GPB. Thanks!
  11. polychromatic

    Hey, i'm new....and i've got kind of a skullcandy problem...

    So first off, Hi xD (My 1st post xD)   Anyway, my skdy problem. i have about six pairs of skullcandy headphones...and five of them are broken. The wires are shot even though there's no wear and tear on (most) of them.   Today my the cord on my aviators just started sputtering out...
  12. Rocketdoxlla1

    Any closed over ears for €100?

    As you will probably see, i am a newby on this forum, i am living in the Netherlands. Before i start i want to excuse myself for my bad English and probably long post.   I have been looking a long time for a headphone that will fit my needs completely. I am not an audiophile at all, but when...
  13. jacksburrito

    Need help deciding on headphones?

    So, hi, this is my first post here. I'm not sure if I'm in the right forum or not, so please let me know. I wanna buy some budget headphones, but not sure which one is best for me. My budget is $50 (not too generous, I know), so it needs to be within that price range. I've been looking at...
  14. kevinzone

    under 50$ with good bass and looks nice?

    Hey Im new. Im looking to find headphones that have good bass and look nice too.
  15. lubczyk

    Ultrasone HFI 580 vs. 780 - Low-bitrate help

    I'm trying to decide between these two (or some other suggestions, like Ultrasone Pro 550, Citiscape Downtown, House of Marley Exodus) for a friend.   These are examples of music he listens to:
  16. Extra

    Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 Impression: Skullcandy is Finally Getting Serious

    I know many people have a firm belief that Skullcandy is utter garbage, but it looks as if the popular headphone company is actually looking to increase its reputation with audiophiles, with products such as the Mix Master Mike and the Roc Nation Aviator, along with the new Hesh 2.0. Looking at...
  17. Headphonefred

    Headphones under £60?

    Hey im looking for an over or on ear headphone to use with my ipod (groan) in general life. If anyone can recommend something it would be most appreciated. Im looking for something sturdy and which has a nice sound for a variety of music. I mostly listen to jazz, funk, future jazz, electronic...
  18. AjRocha

    Need help deciding on headphones!!!

    Hello, I just recently bought a pair of skullcandy hesh 2.0(supreme sound) and I really enjoy them I just don't really like that even all the way up they aren't as loud as I'd hope and the bass isn't really that good on it. I'm looking for great bass and good headphones that sound great for...
  19. lubczyk

    Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 Review - Avoid at all costs.

         I implore anyone who is interested in Skullcandy following the introduction of the Skullcandy Aviators to please be overly cautious when considering buying the Skullcandy Hesh 2.0.  It is quite literary the most uncomfortable and poorly designed headphone I’ve ever had the misfortune of...
  20. Skullcandy S6HSDZ-161 Hesh 2.0 with Detatchable Cable - Black/Black

    Skullcandy S6HSDZ-161 Hesh 2.0 with Detatchable Cable - Black/Black

    Soft Leather-Touch Ear Pillows . Travel Bag . Speaker Diameter: 50mm . Magnet Type: NdFeB . Frequency Response: 20 - 20K Hz . Impedance: 32 Ohms . Max Input Power: 100 mW . Cable Length: 1.2m . Plug Type: 3.5mm Gold Plated