Skullcandy S6HSDZ-161 Hesh 2.0 with Detatchable Cable - Black/Black

General Information

Soft Leather-Touch Ear Pillows . Travel Bag . Speaker Diameter: 50mm . Magnet Type: NdFeB . Frequency Response: 20 - 20K Hz . Impedance: 32 Ohms . Max Input Power: 100 mW . Cable Length: 1.2m . Plug Type: 3.5mm Gold Plated

Latest reviews

Pros: They get the job done as a temporary replacement, Removable cable
Cons: Comfort, Sound stage is minimal, Bass is overpowering, everything is overall mucky.
I broke a pair of cans, and bought these as a temporary replacement because they were on sale. Would not recommend. Not gonna beat around the bush, but while they're functional, they suck.
Pros: Great bass, shocking highs, attractive, built well
Cons: Comfort, mids are recessed, diaphragm easily displaced with pressure (crackles when adjusted)
To start off, these aren't my cans. They were a gift to my brother and he wanted my to review them for him, and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised with this remake of the Hesh. I owned the previous model of the Hesh and they weren't great, but the Hesh 2.0 bring a pleasant SS similar to the DT770. Not the SAME SS, but it has that U-shaped sound curve the Beyer's are famous for. 
In terms of sound quality, the 2.0's deliver a wonderful bass response, with decent bass extension. Not as deep as some may like, but the mid-bass has enough UNF to satisfy bassheads IMO. 
Mids are slightly recessed, but vocals are still clear and guitars/other instruments sound nice. 
Highs here are shocking, with the first model of the Hesh, highs were almost no existent, and the upper-mids were very shrill. On the 2.0's, they are crisp and clear. I can not express how shocked I was when I tested Propane Nightmares ~ Pendulum. Great performance here.
Soundstage is about average for a pair of closed cans, maybe slightly larger. Seperation is decent at best. As for detail, I can only describe them as slow, and dark. All in all the headphone itself is pleasant to listen to.
Comfort is just OK, the cups are barely fit over the ears, may cause discomfort for users with earrings or glasses. 
Overall these headphones are definitely worth the 60~ dollar price tag, as they blow away the XB500's that I owned in the past. Bassheads will enjoy this headphone. I highly suggest it to anyone looking for bass, with a nice SS.
Pros: Detatchable cable, balanced sound.
Cons: Driver grattle. Surprisingly, only a problem with certain metal genres.
Mild u-shape. Rather than going the XB500 route, it goes more for sub-bass extension, then mellows out in the higher bass/lower mids, roll offs where appropriate to keep the sound balanced, and smooth. Another roll off in the lower treble. Just a bit of sparkle.
Detail retrieval is inferior to some other 'phones in the price range. Superlux, and Grado have the Hesh beat in detail, and separation, and of course, headstage, open vs closed.
The Hesh perform much better with classical, acoustic, hardstyle/freeform/jumpstyle/hardjump/hard dance/etc. It isn't a problem with some genres of metal, but there was an obvious distortion, probably some sort of driver grattle, when playing early thrash, german power metal, and some european power metal.
personal issue: The cups are BARELY circumaural. They pinch my earlobes. Glasses-wearers, and people who love earrings, look elsewhere.
For 60-65, you can't go wrong with these. I'd argue these are probably the best basshead cans in this price bracket.


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