1. Plixir Elite BAC 400

    Plixir Elite BAC 400

    Elite BAC 400 The PLiXiR Elite BAC 400 power conditioner is the best mains AC power conditioning product for your desktop Hi-fi system. Designed around our concept of Pure Tone*, it naturally cleans up the incoming AC mains supply and improves current delivery to your system. It uses a custom...
  2. MrLocoLuciano

    METAL MAGIC RESEARCH (Thoughts and impressions)

    I found out a few weaks ago that Joseph Mou from Jomo Audio was launching a new brand. It was launched at the CanJam Shangai but I did not see any return in english. For now, MMR is offering 4 different models, all infos come from the website. Official Website : Gáe...
  3. S

    1custom SA02 impressions

    This would be the thread where users can discuss about the 1custom SA02 CIEM, its a fairly New IEM from a kinda up and coming brand 1custom from Australia. Currently, 1Custom IEMS can only be found at all jaben storess
  4. Hidition NT1 Custom In-Ear Monitor

    Hidition NT1 Custom In-Ear Monitor

    Hidition NT1 (New Tears 1) Type: Universal / Custiom-fit Sensitivity: 102.5dB Frequency response: 20Hz~17kHz Impedance: 14ohm Driver: Single balanced armature driver Production: Made in Korea Website: Official distributor: Zeppelin & Co. (Singapore) Preasto (Hong Kong)
  5. Yh173088

    Balanced HD 600 cables

    looking for balanced HD 600 2.5mm cable . Anyone knows where I can get them in Singapore ? I can always ship them from overseas but they take a while and shipping cost is not cheap . So hope someone has a recommendation for me . Thank you
  6. Clear Tune Monitors

    Announcing the CTM CanJam Singapore 2018 Giveaway winner

    Congratulations to Ambrose Tan, winner of our CanJam Singapore 2018 Giveaway!!! Please contact us so you can redeem your Vintage Series VS-4
  7. MrOTL

    The first time visiting CanJam Singapore 2018: Day 2 (END)

    Mr.Speakers Final audio design Echobox audio Jomo Audio K2Craft Rhapsodio Acoustune Acoustic Research ZMF headphone Questyle Opus Audio 64Audio ADV sound Brainwavz Auris audio Brise Audio Chord Electronics...