shure srh1540
  1. royneo

    [Price dropped!] Sennheiser HD700

    Hi all, I'm selling a Sennheiser HD700 with earpads and headband in excellent condition. Please note that is very slight paint wear on the headphone as found in the last picture. The overall condition is pretty much a 9/10. Please note that this HD700 comes with the stock 6.35mm cable only and...
  2. JLW654


    SOLD..... These are as new, bought December 2017, and very little use. I have two pairs of the same headphone as I bought this pair to use as a spare pair in my office. I am not really getting much use from this pair so I thought someone else should as they are a brilliant closed back...
  3. M

    I could use some advice

    Hi, I am Marc and I just joined this great forum. For a long time I mainly listen to music through a DAP and a set of headphones. I started with an Ipod Classic, then connected it to a Fiio E12. Later I bought the Fiio X5 and last year the X5III. Somewhere in the 80's I bought a new AKG K501 and...