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    best shielded IEM's? (EMC, EMI, RFI)

    I need insight into the best quality, shielded IEM's. I know most manufacturers do not disclose internally shielded components, but I'm still seeking info.
  2. PW Audio Orpheus Shielding

    PW Audio Orpheus Shielding

    Specification: Jacket Material : PVC, Soft FEP, and Cotton Conductor Material : Supreme Level OCC Copper (independent insulation for each group of cores + multi-layer enameling; outer layer TRP insulation) Conductor Gauge: 26 AWG and 25.5 AWG as shielding Number of Conductors : 4...
  3. PWAudio First Times Shielding

    PWAudio First Times Shielding

    •New flagship of flagship series. •Base on Orpheus cable structure as the cable design. •Use a new type of copper Jacket Material : soft pvc and Morandi dark blue nylon jacket Conductor Material : Copper Conductor Gauge: 26.5AWG Number of Conductors : 4