1. Drip50291

    1st Post!! Need your guys expert advice

    Alright I'm hoping not to get yelled at here for being politically incorrect or anything. I know I'm posting under headphones, but I'm looking for a new headset to play games. Please suggest something awesome based on these requirements :)   1. Excellent 3D surround sound quality (obviously...
  2. Barman1942

    Amped Sennheiser PC350's still sounding very tinny

    I have Sennheiser PC350's, and for a while have been running them through an HT Omega Claro, un-amped, using the Soft Rock EQ setting to make them sound good. I recently picked up a SMSL SD-793II DAC/AMP to hook the 350's up to, and now they're sounding as tinny as they did before I had the EQ...
  3. CafuR

    Sennheiser PC350 Special Edition ($150 + tax) vs Beyerdynamic mmx 300 ($289 + tax)

    I recently tried to buy the beyerdynamic mmx 300's off of ncix, however, the payment got messed up and didn't end up going through. Now i found i can get the sennheiser pc350 SE for $167+ tax and it seems like i'd save quite a bit.    Is it worth spending x2 the price on the beyerdynamics or...
  4. jdelrio22

    Sennheiser PC350 SE and Soundblaster ZXR

    I have these headphones with the Soundblaster ZXR:    ATH-AD900  Audio-Technica  Sennheiser PC350 SE   These are plugged in through the ACM module and what I have noticed is that the Audio-technica headphones sound better on an Ipod and on my PC when compared to the PC350 headphones...
  5. cakedude501

    Need help finding a 100 - 150 USD Headphone / Headset

         i have been looking to get a new headphone or headset to use for FPS/MMORPG gaming and listening to music on occasion.  I know that if I went for a pair of headphones, which i have seen multiple times be the preferred option, that I would need a  modmic.  I am looking for headphones that...
  6. Weckso

    Senheiser PC-350 - really?

    Picked up a Senheiser PC-350 SE recently and was blown away by the ridiculously bad sound quality. Huge peaks around 500hz/2khz that made listening to them unbearable. It was like someone took a crappy AM radio and held it up to one of those megaphones they use to yell at hostage situations...
  7. Sennheiser PC 350 Special Edition Noise Blocking Gaming Headset

    Sennheiser PC 350 Special Edition Noise Blocking Gaming Headset

    Sennheiser's PC 350 Special Edition has been developed to be the ultimate Pro PC gaming headset. It features a closed ear-cup design, which isolates you from any outside noise.