1. GMnetherlands

    the best of the best

    hello everyone,   i lost my sennheiser IE 4 earphones. so now i'm looking for new ones. But i want something else now, i'm looking for ''the best of the best''. i love a heavy bass and just hearing nothing else then my own music in class, in traffic, at home, while walking the dog etc...
  2. Judge Buff

    AKG IP2 - Real or Fake?

    I recently got a pair off of eBay from an HK vendor, and before all of y'all start telling me that they are fake for that reason alone, just bear with me being a noob for a minute. I know that being boxed with professional looking accoutrements doesn't mean much towards proving being genuine...
  3. kasimka

    Another "up to 200$" thread

    Hi there! I'm new to this place although read the forum for a year or so.   Now I have HA-FX35, IE4 (which I don't really like) and Yuin PK-3 which I really like but I need much more isolation little more treble and maybe little wider stage. Budget up to 200$. Source is sandisk clip+, can...
  4. oluv

    another canal: "new Sennheiser IE4 in-ear-monitor"

    Yesterday as i wanted to test the IE3 at a local distributor they told me that the sennheiser IE3 (which is actually the same as the FutureSonics EM3) has been dropped and a new model will come out soon, so after requesting more information about it, this is what came today from them: edit...
  5. uzunaruto

    sennheiser IE4

    I know its an old heaphone and all but I cant find much info on it in Head-fi. So Im wondering if its worth $60 or are there now cheaper and better options available?
  6. Sennheiser IE 4 Earphones

    Sennheiser IE 4 Earphones

    The Sennheiser IE 4 earphones for wireless monitor applications with outstanding sound quality. It includes exchangeable ear sleeves for a perfect, customized fit for high isolation against environmental noise and very good bass response.