1. mnoco7

    Sennheiser G4ME ONE'S right earcup sounds like something is rolling around inside?

    Hey there! Well I recently joined and I also got my new sennheiser's about a week ago...I was playing hitman : absolution today when I kept hearing this rolling around sound like when you roll a marble inside my right sounds like a ball bearing and it very annoying, does anybody know...
  2. ClarinetsRock

    Sennheiser G4ME headsets (Zero and One) vs. Steelseries Siberia Elite

    Hello everyone!   I am new to this forum so I am not exactly sure where to put topics and so forth.    However, I was wondering what your opinion was on the Sennheiser G4ME headsets were. I am referring to both the Zero and the One. Also I was wondering how that matched up in features and...
  3. gappler

    has anyone found any information on the difference between the sennheiser pc360/pc363d and the newly released g4me zero/one?

    I am a pc gamer looking for an upgrade to what i currently have.  The pc360 has been near universally loved for gaming, and the pc363d gives an added external sound card to add virtual surround.  While it is early in the product life cycle is there anyone who has an idea on what is actually...
  4. Melee

    Headphone Amp / DAC + Astro Mixamp + Other Questions

    I am building a decent system for my desktop PC. It will be used for approximately 40% Gaming, 40% Music, 20% Movies and TV Shows. Right now, I've ordered a pair of Sennheiser G4ME Ones + Sennheiser G4ME Zeros (their new red/white gaming headsets) to test and see if one of them fits my needs. If...
  5. Sennheiser G4ME ONE Over-Ear Gaming Headset

    Sennheiser G4ME ONE Over-Ear Gaming Headset

    The preferred headset for professional gamers throughout the world. German-engineered speaker technology and a top-notch noise-cancelling microphone deliver outstanding hi-fi performance that let you focus on the game, not your headset.Simply the BestG4ME™ ONE is the crème de la crème headset...