1. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Rock It Sounds R-10, R-11, R-20, R-30, R-50 and R-Shield

    It seems to come from nowhere but suddenly the R-50 from Rock It Sounds is taking Head-fi like a storm. The company is using the same OEM/ODM company we have seen in Head-fi before, but manage to tweak the products to their own design. Here is a complete overview of their current line-up.  ...
  2. ostewart

    Rockit Sounds - All IEM Models Reviewed

    Rockit Sounds R-10, R-11, R-20, R-30 and R-50 Review:   I would like to thank Rockit sounds for kindly supplying me with a sample of each of their IEM’s. I will try and write as honest a review as possible. I will not write a huge review for each, just a short description for each so it’s...
  3. Rockit Sounds R-11

    Rockit Sounds R-11

    Rock It Sounds R-11 Item# R-11