1. R

    Harman Target, Ear Gain and Auditory Research

    Questions: I have searched online and can't find anything. - What methodology (songs, headphones, EQ's) were used to determine the Harman Target? Why - What studies determined Diffuse Field was optimal and how? All I can find is that it was concluded that you need ear gain for a headphone to...
  2. Peter Improof

    Manufacturer likes to hear your opinion about a new open back headphone (Reward: headphone worth 299 euros)

    An audio manufacturer is currently developing a new open back headphone. The product developers would like to discuss the specs & options with consumers who are critical listeners or audiophiles and into high-end sound. We are looking for 15 members of the Head-Fi forum to participate and share...
  3. Metal Magic Research GaeBolg

    Metal Magic Research GaeBolg

    The GáeBolg is reworked from ground up with a completely new ergonomics and features purely BA set-up, bringing forth a harmonious balance in aesthetics, ergonomics and tonality. MMR’s GáeBolg trails for absolute precision and balance as well as efficiency. The lengthy development outcome was a...