1. T Bone

    Ray Samuels Dark Star vs Cavalli Liquid Gold

    Let's say that I have $4k just burning a hole in my pocket and that I'm considering upgrading to an "end game" amplifier.     Two solid contestants for the title of "Holy Grail of headphone amps" are Ray Samuel's Dark Star and Cavalli's Liquid Gold.  Outside of price, I don't think I've ever...
  2. jamato8

    RSA * Dark Star * SE and balanced, dual chassis amp designed to drive most any HP . .

    I was wondering if anything was going on with Ray's "inventions" but figured he was just busy putting out amps. So I ventured over to his site today and now he has a new amp! For the hard to drive HE-6 and any other phone, this appears to provide the horse power to move phones to their max...
  3. Skylab

    REVIEW: Ray Samuels Audio Dark Star solid state headphone amplifier

    REVIEW: Ray Samuels Audio Dark Star solid state headphone amplifier   Funny how adaptable the relatively small headphone amplifier industry is.  A couple of relatively small headphone makers, Audeze and HiFiMan, introduce some relatively expensive but very highly acclaimed (including by...
  4. SteveGuttenberg

    REVIEW: Ray Samuels Emmeline Dark Star Fully Balanced Headphone Amp

    As soon as I heard Ray Samuels' Dark Star at CanJam 2011 it hit me: There are headphone amps, and there are headphone amps! After all, when we're discussing the "sound" of a headphone amp, it would be more accurate to refer to the sound of the amp with a given set of headphones. The amp, by...
  5. lostinclarity

    Best balanced AMP/DAC+USB to power up Fostex TH900 for desktop usage. (BMC Puredac, RSA Darkstar or something else?)

    Hey guys,   I'm shopping ideas around to get a new amp/dac to power up TH900. I have been highly recommended BMC Puredac so far, looks like a very nice unit indeed, I'm also very interested by RSA Darkstar. Just wondering what others think out there would be the best for balanced amp/dac with...
  6. Souga

    Umbilical Cord For RSA Darkstar: Pls Help

    The umbilical cord, the DC cable that supplies the voltages between the power supply and the amp chassis. It was missing when i moved house along with other stuff.    May you tell me the male and female connector plug's name and part number and where i may procure them please so i can make...
  7. DefQon

    HE-6 > Dark Star or equiv....or integrated amp?

    Having read from a few that a properly driven HE-6 reaches close to the 009 sound, to those that have heard or own the HE-6, would going with an expensive headamp such as the Dark Star output better sound quality then a integrated amp > dummy load combination?
  8. sobrietywarrior

    Best DAC pairing with the Darkstar

    What do you think is the best DAC coupled with the Darkstar? I saw a review here that the Zodiac series is a good pairing. Would the Zodiac Gold be the best pairing?
  9. Mara29

    Headphone and amp pairing

    I'm new to the Forum.  Just purchased the Audeze LCD-3s.  I'm looking to pair them with either the fully balanced Woo WA22 tube amp or the fully balanced SS Ray Samuals Dark Star.  Leaning toward the Woo but concerned about it having enough power to drive the LCD-3s (which are 60ohms phones) to...
  10. BaudlyDamage

    What amps have you got your eye on?

    Ladies and gentlemen!   What amps would you like to see on your desk? I'm especially interested in entry to mid level but I'd love to hear about anything exciting on the high end as well.    Eyecandy is great so post pics if you've got them : )
  11. Ray Samuels The Dark Star

    Ray Samuels The Dark Star

    Ray Samuels The Dark Star This is the headphone Amp that can KICK the butt of the hard to drive headphones like the HE-6s. The custom, Plitron Toroidal, transformer is designed to output 80 volts at 6 amps of current to satisfy the 4 buffers that each is capable to deliver up to 9 amps of...